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The Auto Channel And Amazon Can Cooperate To Entice American Drivers To Increase Use Of Ethanol Fuel For Their Vehicles

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Solution Truths:

Using more ethanol will:

  • clean our air by reducing gas-house emissions
  • allow American's to use less bad guy oil
  • save American drivers lots of money on fill ups

Using more American Ethanol Will:

  • help the American Farmer
  • increase renewable energy jobs
  • help the economy
  • Ethanol Green Stamp Clean Air Fuel Card

    The consumer point of a "direct carbon footprint reduction reward" given directly to the consumer who generates it. (what we proposed 13 years ago)

    A brand agnostic fuel credit card that gives users reward points redeemable for merchandise will be paid to users based on the actual amount of ethanol fuel they use in their cars and trucks...

    Users use card as they would use their gas credit card and when they get their monthly statement reflects the total amount and rating of ethanol blend fuel they used and states their carbon reduction monthly reward credit.

    For example 1 gallon of e 10=10 points, 1 gallon of e15 = 30 points 1 gallon of e 85 = 150 points

    If they choose-to, motorists can splash a finite number of blends and the system keeps track ... providing the motorist with a monthly data scorecard which they can use to correlate and determine their actual MPG by splash blend should they be nutty enough to want to...

    The basic monetary value determined by main underwriters; like ethanol; producers, environmental promoters, government subsidies, needs to be determined before launch.

    These monetary point values will be ultimately flexible and instantly adjustable; by location, geographical properties, weather conditions, location environmental need, adjustable instantly, daily, hourly, by brand, by season, by car brand model

    Ethanol industry and EPA can factually determine air quality measurements, MPG engine set up (through VIN) when card application is filled out

    WOW otherwise impossible to acquire great data....

    Amazon as Merchandise Partner Ethanol Clean Air Fuel Card

    Benefits to Amazon

    An action-plan to disrupt the fuel credit card biz quickly and cheaply
    Amazon Gives Back To America
    Adds customers
    Positive use of market power through environmental positioning
    Gold star from inside govt
    Government won't help pick the most logical and worthy alt fuel option, Amazon America can push it along
    The right thing to do

    Benefits To America

    Exponential growth in ethanol use
    Cleaner Air
    Cheaper Fuel
    Renewable source of fuel
    Sucess in spite of the Chinese, Arabs, OPEC, Politicians, EV no nothings...
    Takes time pressure off finding a true zero emissions fuel for the future...