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"RESTORATIONS" by Charles Strickler - Book Review

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1928 Stutz Black Hawk Boattail Speedster - photo courtesy

Review by Marc J. Rauch
Exec. Vice President/Co-Publisher

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The discovery of a hidden priceless automobile is the dream of most classic car aficionados, and I'm certainly no exception. It's this fantasy that led me to "RESTORATIONS." Author Charles Strickler has fashioned a lively and exciting fictional tale of a long forgotten 1928 Stutz Black Hawk Boattail Speedster that was owned by an infamous, yet highly successful Depression Era bank robber.

Although the narrative soon departs from a discussion of the vehicle itself, the mystery of a billion dollars worth of stolen Tsarist gold and its connection to a New York Mafia capo takes over. The tale's protagonists (Miles West) and his girlfriend (Bramley Ann Fairchild) are anything-but-helpless victims who take their fight to the bad guys, which is one of the aspects of the yarn I liked best. Along the way the reader also learns some history (another of my favorite subjects) and details related to cryptology.

I could imagine this to be the first in a series of adventures undertaken by Miles West and Bramley Fairchild, and a visit to the author's website seems to suggest it. I can also imagine this becoming the basis of a Netflix or Amazon television series. It's easy to picture any combination of male/female actors to take the roles.

The book is relatively short - certainly long enough to deliver a captivating story, and also long enough to turn both sides of a trans-continental flight - or a weekend on a poolside chaise lounge - into very pleasurable sojourn (with or without some appropriate beverages).

It's definitely worth a read.

Pages: 232
Pub Date: 03-20-2019
Softcover: $16.95 9781633937796
Hardcover: $24.95 9781633937819

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