WASHINGTON--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Nordtree announced today that the Call for Speakers is now open for its Internet of Cars Conference taking place September 26-27, 2019 in Las Vegas, NV. This cutting-edge conference is planned to bring together academia, industry, transit and fleet operators, as well as insurers, and legislators to discuss their plans for safe self-driving cars and to address the challenges related to design, testing, deployment and regulations of connected cars.

Nordtree’s two-day conference will offer participants the opportunity to identify and monitor the capabilities and required technologies including those in progress, those planned, and those for which no current plans exist.

The conference will facilitate the exchange of ideas and networking among peers through collaborative discussions.

To fill-out a submission form, visit: https://nordtree.com/speaking-opportunities/ Or Email: roselyn.diaz (at) nordtree.com

Suggested key technology topics and related subjects include:

  • V2V Vehicle To Vehicle Communications
  • V2I Vehicle To Infrastructure Communications
  • V2P Vehicle To Pedestrian Communications
  • V2N Vehicle To Network Communications
  • V2X Vehicle To Everything Communications
  • IoC Standardization
  • Intelligent Transportation Systems
  • Smart Infrastructure
  • Gesture & Voice Recognition
  • Real-Time Data
  • Blockchain
  • IoC Connectivity Solutions
  • Last Mile Delivery Fleet
  • Collision Avoidance Safety Systems
  • Connected Sensors, Lidar, Camera,
  • Radar, GPS & Wearables
  • Connected Passenger Health
  • Connected Passenger Safety

For a complete list of confirmed speakers, please visit https://nordtree.com/auto/ioc/speakers/

The IoC Conference & Expo

The Internet of Cars Conference and Expo will provide exhibitors and sponsors the opportunity to network and to have direct access to program managers from leading US, Japanese, Korean and European Union autonomous vehicle programs.

IoC Co-Located With:

The Internet of Cars Conference and Expo is co-located with Autonomous Vehicle Conference & Expo Cybersecurity + Hackers.

Government, Academia & Startups Rates

In order to extend the education of the connected autonomous vehicles to much wider community that is shaping the IoC evolution, reduced registration-rates are available for students, academia, government and startups.

About Nordtree

Nordtree is a leading information provider, organizing conferences and trade-shows for technology, automobiles, and other industries to governments, industries and academia around the world.


For complete information, please visit: 
https://nordtree.com/auto/ioc/ or call Roselyn Diaz (703) 596-1203