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Auto Channel Exclusive: 2019 Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV S-AWC Review By Andrew Frankl

2019 Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV S-AWC (select to view enlarged photo)
2019 Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV S-AWC

The following is an Auto Channel Green Wheels Report. It features relevant content for car shoppers and auto enthusiasts concerned with alt-fuels, fuel economy, hybrid vehicles, electric vehicles, fuel-cells, saving our planet by reducing poisonous gasoline exhaust emissions and eliminating a need to kiss the asses of countries that hate America and Americans.

By Andrew Frankl
European Bureau Chief
The Auto Channel

A very dear friend of mine has just joined the company from a rival brand.

Looking forward to the challenge he said and a challenge it will be.

In the glory days of 1991 the company was selling 180 thousand cars/SUVs.

It dropped dramatically into the low 50s and it is just beginning to turn the corner.

Certainly going from 8 thousand units sold in January 2019 to 13 thousand in February is a step in the right direction. Getting back to a 1 percent market share from the current .68 is clearly what they are aiming at.

The Outlander I have been testing will certainly help although at 42 thousand dollars I did find it rather expensive. Of course if your commute is 10-15 miles per day and if you can plug it in at home-something I’ve tried and worked flawlessly it makes sense but logic dictates that most people would want to use an SUV for more than commuting and that is when the problem starts. The hybrid range is quite short and the “proper engine” is, how can I put it nicely-gutless.

By all means throw in several pairs of skis on your way to Squaw Valley but I am afraid you will

Spend most of your time in the slow lane. The Outlander definitely needs more oomph.

On the plus side it is remarkably well equipped, it is a very very long time since I’ve seen

A car or an SUV with absolutely no extras- everything apart from the delivery charge in included!

PHOTO (select to view enlarged photo)

The gearbox is a delight, the sound system is excellent and the seats are very comfortable.

The rear seats fold without breaking fingernails and all in all everything inside is just fine.

PHOTO (select to view enlarged photo)

It certainly looked the part at the 150th anniversary ball of the San Francisco Yacht Club and was equally at home at the De Young museum in San Francisco. You may well ask what this SUV has got to do with Claude Monet-one of the greatest impressionists of all times. Well, you will probably surprised when I tell you. In Monet’s days most roads were made of gravel, consequently as cars drove past the Master’s studio in Giveny his beloved lilies were covered in dust. So he did something I’ve only recently learned. He paid for the paving of the surrounding roads so he could carry on painting the lilies on the pond. For car buffs who may not necessarily be students of the

Impressionists Monet also arranged for the river to be diverted so he could have his pond!

PHOTO (select to view enlarged photo)

No, I am not making this up! Such was his fame that when he approached the local authorities to have the River Epte diverted so he could have his pond they said yes!

Returning to Mitsubishi via the D915 where Giverny is the roads -Monet arranged to be paved -were exactly the sort of on which the Pajero excelled. It was known as the King of the Desert, winning the legendary Paris-Dakar rally numerous times. To the best of my knowledge it is not sold in the United States which is a shame as it is exactly the sort of trophy product the brand could build on.

Right now second hand values are pretty weak and I think some of the dealership could do with a coat of paint as well. All in all a much improved Outlander, a hybrid aspect is a definite plus, can only help to achieve the desired 1 percent market share. And credit where credit is due-in, the truly appalling weather we have had in California this Winter the test car never missed a beat. The much needed wipers worked fine as did the heater and demister.

PHOTO (select to view enlarged photo)

For the record in EV mode the Outlander gets 74mpg, with the gas engine 25. The government fuel economy and smog rating are excellent. By the way the warranty is an almost unprecedented 10 years or 100 thousand miles.Bravo.

PHOTO (select to view enlarged photo)

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