BOSTON--(BUSINESS WIRE)--The Strategy Analytics report, “Transition from Driver to Occupant Monitoring Systems to Raise Functionality, Performance and Support Autonomous Driving”, looks at how Driver Monitoring Systems (DMS) are evolving into occupant monitoring systems, which can analyze what’s happening in multiple seats in the vehicle. It also examines the importance of Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning when developing new systems.

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“Early driver-centric concepts were very costly and were neither accurate nor functional enough to bring about wide acceptance,” said Kevin Mak, Principal Analyst in the Strategy Analytics Automotive Practice. “However, with the growing adoption of cameras in automotive for active safety applications, there is now the affordability and increased performance in cameras to support DMS and its transition to occupant monitoring. Furthermore, most of the new systems will rely on regular automotive processors that are already on the market supporting other applications, instead of requiring costlier and more power-hungry devices. AI will ensure that the system can recognize the warning signs by itself, instead of requiring processing and memory-intensive rules-based approaches. ”

“Auto makers are also keen to raise value in these interior cameras, so the concepts shown at CES 2019 have given a hint to what will happen: The use of centrally-mounted and additional cameras will cover the cabin and not just the driver, augmented by other types of sensors, such as RADARs. This will allow further functionality to flow from the system, such as personalized settings, automatically-adjusting comfort features, automatic alignment of head-up and mirror-replacement camera displays and security. This is particularly necessary as mandates will soon require Child Presence Detection systems.”

“Looking further into the future,” Mak added, “these occupant monitoring systems will also be supporting ride-hailing autonomous robotaxi fleets. Functions could include ensuring that the customer disembarks at the destination and deciding when to recall the vehicle for cleaning.”

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