HANOVER, Germany--Summer tyres for summer, winter tyres for winter… Are all-season tyres an attractive alternative to seasonal tyre changes twice a year? Some claim that all-season tyres are a “godsend” for drivers that allows them to save both time and money. Others on the other hand, question their durability and performance. Which is true? In which situations are all-season tyres a valid solution? ReifenDirekt.de has prepared a selection of the best-known facts and myths concerning all-season tyres with the aim of spreading awareness and supporting motorists in making the right tyre choice.

Fact 1 – Summer and winter blend
Exactly right. All-season tyres combine properties of both summer and winter tyres to provide drivers with the all-round solution. All-season tyres are made from a rubber compound that guarantees good grip on warm and dry roads but at the same time does not harden in cold weather. Moreover, all-season tyres have a unique tread pattern to prevent aquaplaning and high-density sipes that provide grip on slippery roads.

Fact 2 – Better winter performance than summer tyres
True. The unique rubber compound and tread pattern of all-season tyres provide significantly better grip in cold wintery conditions. Many all-season tyres are designated as winter-suitable and have the characteristic mountain snowflake symbol on the sidewall. This means the tyre has been approved for use in winter and can be used in European countries where it is a legal requirement to fit winter tyres during the colder part of the year.

Fact 3 – Best for short distances in the city
It is true that drivers who cover lower distances, about 4,000 – 5,000 kilometers per year, and who drive mostly in the city, will be most satisfied with all-season tyres. First of all, city driving conditions are seldom extreme; therefore they suit all-season tyres’ properties much better. And secondly, lower mileage prevents the tyres from wearing out too quickly and ensure their longevity.

Myth 1 – Good even for harsh winters
Unfortunately not. All-season tyres are designed to perform fine both in summer and winter. However, they are the best choice for a mild climate and moderate weather changes. Therefore, in regions that experience harsher winters and heavy snow, winter tyres will provide better grip and handling. The rubber that winter tyres are made of lets them perform well in freezing temperatures without becoming brittle. Plus, their deep tread makes driving in the snow and slush easier and more comfortable.

Myth 2 – Less durable than winter and summer tyres
This issue should be approached from a different perspective. All-season tyres are dedicated mostly to drivers whose mileage is lower and who usually do not cover long distances. If used in accordance with their designers’ purpose, all-season tyres will last as long as summer or winter ones. Moreover, the rubber compound that all-season tyres, especially the quality ones, are made of nowadays does not only guarantee good performance in various weather conditions but also minimizes the difference in durability between all-year and seasonal tyres.

Myth 3 – More expensive to buy
That is not true. It is a myth that all-season tyres have to cost more to compensate dealers the cost of selling one instead of two sets of tyres. The prices of all-season, summer and winter tyres are comparable. One of the ideas behind designing all-season tyres was to create a cost-effective solution for drivers, therefore pushing up their prices would defeat the purpose and be counterproductive.

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