This article is only for US hosts who have selected a Turo protection . Canadian hosts should click here. Germany hosts should click here.

Turo’s protection plan options are not available to hosts whose vehicles are listed outside of the US, Germany, or select provinces of Canada (Quebec, Ontario, and Alberta). The plans do not apply to Commercial Hosts in the US, Germany, or Canada who have declined a protection plan in order to provide their own commercial rental insurance to their customers.

This article describes protection options for US vehicle hosts. If you are booking a trip via Turo please check out our other article customized for guests to understand your protections as a guest.


Turo offers three vehicle protection plans for hosts: “Premium,” “Standard,” and “Basic.” A rental car company that can offer commercial rental liability insurance directly to their guests and for their vehicles may also choose to decline a Turo protection  and list their cars as a Commercial Host. All three Turo plans (Premium, Standard, and Basic) provide up to $1,000,000 in liability protection, but differ in other ways, particularly how physical damage is covered. If a host chooses to decline a Turo protection plan and become a Commercial Host, they must provide commercial insurance that is verified by Turo prior to the host listing their vehicles.

 For hosts to qualify for physical damage coverage for any event that qualifies as a covered peril during the reservation period, Turo must have the following documentation: (1) clear photo documentation of the areas the host is seeking coverage for taken within 24 hours of the start and end of the trip; or (2) Other evidence (e.g. a police report, 3rd party report) that confirms the damage took place during the trip.





Commercial Hosts


$1,000,000 liability





Physical damage protection for value of the car up to $125,000





Host deductible for physical damage to owner's car



Up to $3,000

(Turo pays 20% up to first $3,750 of damage and 100% after that, up to a $125,000 limit)


Replacement vehicle during repair period




Exterior wear & tear coverage



Loss of rental income



Portion of trip price kept by owner





Detailed Terms:

So long as a host is in compliance with the Terms of Service and has not chosen to decline a Turo protection plan, the following protections are available:

 Liability coverage. The host will have the benefit of third party liability protection as further described in this article, and summarized below.

  • Bodily injury and property damage to third parties: the policy provides a $1,000,000 combined single limit per occurrence for hosts during the reservation period, designed to be on a primary basis over the host’s auto policy.
  • Liability coverage is also in effect during the delivery period.

 Physical damage. Turo will provide physical damage protection that provides coverage up to the actual cash value of the car, up to a limit of $125,000, for any event that qualifies as a covered peril during the reservation period. The exception is the Tesla model X and model S; Turo will provide coverage up to the actual cash value of these cars with no other limit.

Deductible. For vehicles on the Premium and Standard plans, there is no deductible for physical damage to the car. For vehicles on the Basic plan, there is a maximum $3,000 deductible for physical damage to the car. For these vehicles, Turo covers the first 20% of any covered physical damage costs up to $3,750, and 100% of the damage cost over and above that amount. The host would be responsible for the first 80%, up to $3,750, and 0% above $3,750. You may find examples here. Note that this deductible applies to all types of physical damage claims including, but not limited to, exterior damage, interior damage, flat tires, damaged tires, glass, and mechanical damage.

 Replacement vehicle. For vehicles on the Premium and Standard plans, Turo will either provide you a replacement vehicle, or reimburse you up to $30 a day (for a maximum of 10 days) for your transportation needs while your vehicle is repaired. For vehicles on the Basic plan, there is neither transportation vehicle replacement nor reimbursement while your vehicle is repaired.

 Exterior wear and tear. For vehicles on the Premium plan, Turo provides coverage for exterior wear and tear. Turo does not offer coverage for exterior wear and tear for host vehicles on the Standard or Basic plans. Interior wear and tear is not covered under any protection plan.

 Loss of sharing income. For vehicles on the Premium plan, Turo will cover loss of sharing income while your vehicle is repaired. There is more detail on how Turo calculates loss of rental income in this article. Turo does not offer loss of sharing income for vehicles on the Standard or Basic plans.

 Quality of repairs.  There is no guarantee, expressed or implied, for the quality of repairs.  If a shop repairs the covered damage and the repairs later turn out be of low quality, there will be no coverage for repeat repairs.

General Definitions:

  • Covered Peril: A covered collision or comprehensive event that takes place during the reservation period, excluding:
  1. pre-existing damage;
  2. interior wear and tear
  3. exterior wear and tear for vehicles on the Standard or Basic plans
  4. any mechanical failure;
  5. any physical damage during the delivery period
  6. aftermarket parts, accessories, wraps or decals
  7. deterioration
  8. any damage that occurs where an host is in violation of the Terms of Service
  9. personal items left in the car; and
  10. Any damage to or resulting from tires that are defective, have excessive wear & tear or dry rot, have tread depth less than 2/32 inch, were not properly inflated at vehicle hand-off, or are 6 or more years old.
  • Collision: this is when two vehicles hit each other, or when a single vehicle hits an object.
  • Comprehensive: other property damage to the car that isn’t a collision – theft, fire, animal impacts, vandalism, falling objects and acts of nature (windstorm, flood, etc.). In the case of “acts of nature” comprehensive damage (e.g., flood, earthquake, hail, windstorm, etc.), the host will receive protection identical to whatever pre-existing comprehensive coverage the host has in effect on their own personal policy for the car immediately prior to the rental.
  • Physical Damage: any damage incurred to a vehicle that meets the definition of a covered peril.
  • Delivery Period: the time when the host, or designee, who is a Turo Approved Driver, is actively delivering the car to the primary guest, and ends when the car has been delivered to the primary guest. The period does not include the time when the host or designee is retrieving the car.
  • Exterior Wear and Tear: any dings, dents, cracks, or scratches to the exterior body of the vehicle that is 3 inches in diameter or less. This includes, but is not limited to, rims, wheels, hubcaps, any painted or textured area for the body of the vehicle, and moldings. More discussion on wear and tear here.
  • Interior Wear and Tear: minor scuffing of interior surfaces that is 3 inches or less in diameter, along with any dials, switches, knobs, that break or fail over time. Cuts and punctures that are clearly due to abuse or misuse by the guest are not included in this definition.
  • Mechanical Failure: any mechanical, electrical, suspension, engine, or transmission damage a vehicle incurs due to age, normal usage, defect, a lack of maintenance, or warranty issue (including, but not limited to manufacturer defect), along with any resulting damage that arises due to those causes, and excluding any mechanical damage caused by the guest’s negligence or intentional misuse. Clutch damage is handled separately and our policy can be found here.
  • Deterioration: any fading, discoloration, rust, or wear caused to the interior or exterior of the vehicle over time. Also includes any deterioration from road use of tires, and mechanical deterioration of belts, suspension, electrical and mechanical components, along with any resulting damage from these events.

In all cases where the host has selected either the Premium, Standard, or Basic protection , the host’s protection is not affected by whether and how much Turo may collect from guests or other third parties, nor is the host’s chosen vehicle protection plan related to whatever protection  the primary guest may have selected. Additionally, these terms apply to transactions facilitated via a Turo valet lot and any damage that may occur while a car is parking in a Turo valet lot.

 For Commercial Hosts who provide their own commercial rental insurance instead of a Turo protection plan, they do not benefit from any protection from claims, damages, or any other circumstance as described in the above sections. A host who declines a protection  and opts into the Commercial Host program must resolve any and all damages and disputes directly with their guests and their commercial insurance provider.

If you have additional questions regarding selecting among these options, please consult your insurance professional, or contact us at, and we will direct you to our insurance broker.