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Autonomous Autos Give Bad Guys The Power To End Our Freedom To Go Where We Want When We Want To


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Think This Can't Happen? Think Again: The Beginning Of The End Of Our Freedom Of Mobility - New Autonomous Vehicle Platform Connects Road Authorities with Vehicle Operators

Does being able to watch the newest iteration of an angry birds video while riding to work be a fair exchange for not being allowed to actually drive and choose where you want to go? Not to me!

By Bob Gordon
Co-Founder and Street-Kid Visionary
The Auto Channel

Imagine a few years down the road.....

....The twenty year countdown to Autonomous Auto Day is quickly drawing to a close, hard to believe that it had been so many years since the historic centers of the automobile industry moved from cities like Detroit, Windsor, Nashville, Louisville, Tupelo, Tokyo, Seoul, and Munich, to America's Silicon Valley, which now includes everything from San Diego to Seattle, and San Francisco is the center of the Autonomous Auto World (interesting, a city that historically shunned the automobile is now the heart of the industry).

During the twenty year countdown every glitch and bug has been eliminated from the 3D-printed vehicles, while "smarts" were added to every road in the U.S., so as to be ready for AA Day.

When AA Day hits, every paved road in North America is ready to accept 100% AA Day vehicles; vehicles that do not need or want any human intervention...none, zilch, nada. Not only will every certified AA Day vehicle be self sufficient in riding, driving, and navigating, they will be self-powering and self-healing, and will have the power and intelligence to swifty become the gatekeeper of every American's freedom of mobility.

After AA Day every non-autonomous vehicle will be banned from America's roads, highways and byways...and the owners of "almost" AA Day certified vehicles will have to get their systems updated to AA Day compatible, because if they aren't they will have to sold to be exported to non-AA Day countries, or kept in museums or featured in amusement parks or private drive preserves that featured a few roads with old fashioned stop lights and speed limits. Grandparents will entertain their grandchildren with stories of what it was like to drive where and when you wanted to and physically steer, brake, and manually accelerate at your own pace. They'll tell stories about how a company named BMW described their vehicles as the "ultimate driving machine." what's driving grandpa?

Can the above really happen?...yes it can, and when it does there will be no need for consumers to differentiate cars, except for size and interior design. By Law all AA Day vehicles on the roads will have to blend-in - so why would any of those AA Day vehicles need superior horsepower, or special handling and driving capabilities...they wouldn't. The digital companies will design and contract for non-branded vehicles that meet their AA Day specs. A single corporation with the power to end freedom of movement, talk about the potential for absolute control of the American people, I ask, what was so important that Americans and others freely gave up the freedom to travel where and when they wanted to without having permission from Big Brother.

Eventually, as time passes further, the need for privately owned vehicles would disappear as the public relies more and more on ride services. If you want to go somewhere you'll push a button and in the time it takes to put your on shoes and jacket, and give your wife or husband (or both) a peck on the cheek, an autonomous Apple or Google conveyance will be at your front door. Does being able to watch the newest iteration of an angry birds video while riding to work be a fair exchange for not being allowed to actually drive and choose where you want to go? Not to me!

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