EUGENE, Ore.--Arcimoto Inc.® — makers of the world’s first Fun Utility Vehicle® (FUV®) — an affordable, practical, and thrilling pure electric vehicle for everyday commuters and fleets, today announced a partnership with HULA Holdings to launch EV Oasis, a one-of-a-kind electric vehicle charging, education, and rental center in Southern California.

Expected to open in San Diego, California in the summer of 2018, EV Oasis aims to be the quintessential west coast sustainable transportation hub. Planned amenities include 10 DC fast chargers and 24 Level 2 AC connections, educational kiosks, a local organic coffee shop, and an electric vehicle rental center featuring the Arcimoto FUV. HULA Holdings has placed a deposit for 100 all-electric Arcimoto FUVs as part of their rental operation.

“As a former San Diego County Planning Commissioner, I can attest that the San Diego region faces enormous challenges with issues like lowering transportation emissions, reducing congestion, and addressing the high cost of transportation and the scarcity of parking solutions in our coastal regions,” said HULA Holdings Co-Founder Peder Norby. “The Arcimoto FUV is the best ‘Tool in the Toolbox’ to address these issues with 1/10th the emissions, 1/3rd the parking space, 1/3rd the cost and 10x the fun of an average car.”

“Finding the right type of vehicle to meet our business objectives was kind of like the story of Goldilocks and The Three Bears,” added HULA Holdings Founder and CEO Angus Clark. “Every vehicle we evaluated was either too big or too small, too expensive or too cheap (read unsafe), too slow or too short-ranged, too complicated or too unrefined. In the Arcimoto FUV, we believe we have found the perfect blend of ‘just right’.”

In addition to the rental operation at EV Oasis, HULA Holdings intends to leverage existing and new partnerships to use the Arcimoto FUV fleet in rideshare, delivery, last mile, and hospitality applications throughout the San Diego region.

“In this time of fundamental transportation disruption, we are excited to help define the future of the gas station in partnership with HULA Holdings,” said Arcimoto President and Founder Mark Frohnmayer. “We believe EV Oasis will be a fantastic way for San Diego drivers to see and experience the Fun Utility Vehicle, and we look forward to delivering the first FUV units to this fleet later this year.”

About HULA Holdings:

HULA Holdings owns and operates DC Fast-Charging stations in Southern California, located at leading hotel properties from Santa Barbara to San Diego. Since 2011, HULA Holdings charging stations have provided electric vehicle owners safe, convenient and affordable energy while providing ample amenities at their host site locations. HULA is an acronym for High Utilization Local Access and will also be testing autonomous mobility vehicles in the near future. HULA Holdings’ not-for-profit subsidiary, Corridor Power, is building the country’s first full-service, multi-protocol, Electric Mobility Center in San Diego (Encinitas) California with support from the California Energy Commission and the Center for Sustainable Energy. For more information please visit

About Arcimoto:

Headquartered and manufactured in Eugene, Oregon, Arcimoto, Inc. is devising new technologies and patterns of mobility that together raise the bar for environmental efficiency, footprint and affordability. Available for pre-order today with a target purchase price of $11,900, Arcimoto’s FUV defines the Fun Utility Vehicle category: it’s one of the lightest, most affordable and performance-packed electric vehicles suitable for the daily driver. For more information please visit