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E-Fuel Personal Energy System’ Hydrous Fuel Technology Makes Off-Grid Affordable Reality +VIDEO

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LOS GATOS, CA - January 9, 2018: Today, E-Fuel Corporation released for preorder sales on its website the revolutionary new Personal Energy System (PES) that will begin shipping second quarter of 2018. The PES is industry’s first organic hydrous fuel combustion powered generator (genset) that can power and use the excess waste energy to heat homes or offices for free without the local power and heating fuel establishment. PES objective is to eliminate reliance on the energy grid, lower escalating energy costs and aggressively reduce global warming emissions. PES can accomplish these goals for less than the purchase price of solar and battery backup systems, at $2 dollars per watt without tax subsidies. The electrical setup is similar to solar, but instead of feeding the power grid to reduce the monthly bill, the PES disconnects the utility power and heating completely from the facility. In the event the PES goes down, the PES control system instantly reconnects power to the utility.

PES has an exclusive Perpetual Energy Cage with a 260-gallon fuel tank and oil exchange system which can help power a home, neighborhood or office for up to 3 weeks during high demand power usage before refueling. The PES genset technology can provide up to 1100 watts/foot compared to solar 10 watts, allowing energy co-ops to form. And its energy density and power will never decline over time which solar and batteries are prone to do. When going off-grid the PES can reduce global warming emissions up to 99% when compared to the power utility company. It can also protect against Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) keeping your family or business safe. The PES comes with two combustion gensets that provide backup power and heating during equipment maintenance.

In addition to operating on gasoline or commercial E100 ethanol or blends, the PES is the first to offer low cost E100 hydrous ethanol fuel compatibility which can be homebrewed by local E-Fuel dealers or commercial ethanol fuel producers. This exclusive E-Fuel feature provides cleaner energy and lower cost advantage over existing power and heating competitors. The E-Fuel dealer network can provide installation, product servicing and arrange automated fuel delivery service to a home or office.

The Problem
The International Energy Agency informed the world its energy bill 18 years from now could reach $48 trillion dollars, a ridiculous amount of money that developed nations combined cannot afford. Energy poverty and power outages are rising throughout the U.S.A. and the world. Many countries, including the U.S.A., are experiencing major long-term power outages. Consumers have been told we need to spend money to fight global warming or face the inevitable consequences. Bill Gates discussed during an interview on CNBC that the ultimate energy storage solution hasn’t been developed yet, but he continued that with other billionaires and world government financial support we can hopefully find the solution within the next 20 years. E-Fuel rejects this belief and believes the Personal Energy System is the ultimate affordable solution for the future that solves both energy storage and global warming emissions.

The PES Solution
The U.S. Department of Energy states, when renewables, nuclear, coal and petroleum utilities generate power, only one-third of that energy is available to the end-user while the remaining two-thirds have been discarded as waste heat into the atmosphere. To make matters worse, after discarding this large amount of energy, the utility companies charge customers for compressed gas or heating oil to heat their homes and swimming pools. By installing a PES at the location where the energy is consumed, the waste energy is repurposed to heat the internal facility, swimming pool year-round and provide hot water. This results in major fuel reduction usage, rapid emissions reduction and cost advantage over other existing energy technology-platforms. According to the 2015 USDA Greenhouse Gas Emissions Trend Report, the result of using organic fuel can substantially reduce greenhouse gases by bypassing the entire abiotic energy establishment most responsible for global warming emissions.

The U.S. Renewable Fuels Association announced they produced a record 15 billion gallons of organic ethanol fuel during 2017 making organic fuel the largest true renewable energy source in the world. The industry is mature enough to meet the PES organic fuel demand in the U.S. and abroad. E-Fuel also manufacturers micro organic hydrous fuel plant systems which can assist E-Fuel dealers to produce and deliver their own organic fuel locally.

Tom Quinn, E-Fuel Chairman CEO: “E-Fuel’s Personal Energy System use of hydrous or water based homebrewed fuel, might just be the panacea the energy market has been waiting for. The juggernaut is anyone can make hydrous fuel, which people have been doing for the past 3,000 years, that’s cleaner and more affordable than other commercial energy resources. It also solves the energy storage and commercial power industry’s discarded energy waste problem. We look forward to assisting our customers in achieving their goal to go off-grid and become energy independent while solving global warming emissions”.

Please visit our website at to learn how you can purchase the PES for your home or office.