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Ethanol Has A New Customer ... And it Requires 50 Billion Gallons of Ethanol


New Power System Offers a Personal Affordable, Efficient, Clean, and Reliable Alternative to the Outmoded Power Grid and its environmentally hazardous components

LOS GATOS, CA - January 8, 2018: The transportation market has greatly benefited from the use of organic ethanol blends over the past 30 years. Emissions are down substantially, fuel economy is way up, vehicle engines are lasting longer and smaller engines are delivering more horsepower thanks to higher compression engines which favor ethanol. It’s now time to apply this same business model to replace the electrical power grid system. The power grid is the primary source of energy poverty, power outages and global warming which must be phased out immediately to prevent worldwide energy insolvency.

Those who have participated in the organic ethanol transportation fuel movement know we were treated as the uninvited guest that had to fight the energy elites to keep our place at the table. When ethanol producers first started their movement, the so-called experts warned ethanol producers they would hit a 200-million-gallon theoretical production limitation that would kill the ethanol movement, but ethanol producers broke those barriers years ago exceeding 15 billion gallons last year and the elites are now telling us to slow it down.

So why target the power utility grid energy industry with ethanol? Because it has a terminal disease that only ethanol can cure. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, the international grid system has been discarding two-thirds of our energy resources as waste heat into the atmosphere during electrical power production. And then they turn around and charge us for compressed gas or heating oil to heat our homes. On top of that, the grid infrastructure is collapsing, it’s the major source of global warming and is the main reason behind the rising world energy poverty rate. These are all problems that ethanol can solve.

To solve this problem, E-Fuel Corporation is introducing a new product called the Personal Energy System (PES). The PES is the world’s first 100% organic ethanol combustion powered generator (genset) that can repurpose the combustion engine’s waste energy into heating our homes, offices, swimming pools or entire neighborhoods year-round for free. The PES uses similar engine total-flex-fuel technology used in Brazil (that was developed in the U.S.) to allow the PES to run off ethanol blends, E100 and most important, lower cost hydrous ethanol. The PES provides a Perpetual Energy Cage which contains a 260-gallon fuel tank and an oil reserve fluid exchange system that keeps the engine operating without requiring manual oil maintenance between refueling. The PES also comes with redundant gensets to provide fault tolerant off-grid operation in the event of a single genset failure. On the business competitive side, PES can run on gasoline, pure ethanol E100 or E98 produced directly from ethanol producers making it far less expensive than other commercial fuels. Since the PES utilizes high compression engine technology, the fuel economy will be competitive. The high ethanol usage also reduces greenhouse gases up to 99% when compared to coal-operated utility plants. But the most important cost savings comes from PES’s ability to replace compressed gas or diesel fuel usage as the primary source for home and office heating energy. Not only does this reduce heating cost along with energy poverty, it also reduces the world’s reliance on abiotic petroleum, solar and batteries. Solar and batteries, along with wind generated power, is one of the primary causes for utility power cost increases, via taxation, along with infrastructure maintenance and upgrades. Solar and wind can’t even maintain a solid power baseload requirement necessary to operate any facility off-grid or provide free heating energy.

E-Fuel is building an international dealer network to install PES and to arrange home delivery for commercial ethanol fuels available from the local ethanol producers.

The global launch of this incredible new energy system takes place tomorrow, January 9th. We'll have more information right here on, and you can visit the E-Fuel PES website at