FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--TrueFrame™, a business-to-business vehicle inspection service, announced today the launch of their business-to-consumer service, Driveway onDemand “Live” Vehicle Inspections in South Florida. TrueFrame, who is trusted by over 1,500 dealerships nationwide, is integrated with CARFAX and AutoCheck Reports. With the launch of Driveway, they will protect you from buying a bad car.

Driveway performs the ONLY multi-segment comprehensive inspection available. With Driveway, their responsible and reliable technicians inspect the car; bumper to bumper, roof to tires, and everything in between. The inspection consists of a paint, cosmetic and structural analysis, drivetrain and mechanical operations check, and a complete interior/exterior condition and functionality evaluation. Their final report is packed with everything you need to know before you buy. Trust them to find the truth with a Driveway pre-purchase inspection.

“We are excited with the launch of Driveway. We love cars and we love people – plain and simple. Through certification, dedication, and – above all else – trust, Driveway aims to help you make a safe, educated decision when it comes to buying a used vehicle,” said Frank Lynch, CEO. “Hiring Driveway ensures peace of mind before purchasing a used car.”

Driveway is designed to provide consumers with expert, unbiased information to ensure you are making a good decision when purchasing a used car, even sight unseen. Their inspections do not require the consumer to be present, and they travel to any location to inspect within 30-minutes of booking. Consumers can book an inspection through

About Driveway

Driveway, powered by TrueFrame™, is a trusted, certified car inspection company for the consumer. With onDemand access to certified technicians, we perform onsite car inspections. In addition, our certified technicians list their findings in our detailed, easy to read comprehensive report.

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