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Every year, thousands of cyclists and motorcyclists are injured in road
collisions due to car doors opening suddenly. Now tech company Semcon has
devised a solution, Life Sticker, which users can easily stick to their door
mirrors and costs less than two euros to produce. It can be attached to any
vehicle and alerts the driver when cyclists are approaching. A prototype has
been developed and is ready to be industrialised.
As cycling increases, we are seeing an increase in the number of accidents; not
least in urban environments where lots of people all have to share the space
available. According to WHO, there are more than 50 million traffic accidents
worldwide each year. One cause is what is known as dooring, where people in
parked cars open their doors into passing traffic. In a survey of 1500 cyclists,
85 per cent say they have encountered this problem.

"Smart technology allows us to actually save lives on the roads. But to make a
difference, the solution has to be inexpensive and available to as many people
as possible. Although we are using advanced technology, our aim is to ensure it
costs less than two euros to produce," says Markus Granlund, CEO at Semcon.

The latest technology in a button
Semcon's Life Sticker is a patent-pending innovation that is easily secured to
the vehicle's door mirror and warns the driver not to open the door when a
cyclist is approaching from the rear. The solution is based on a contact between
the door warning device and cyclists' phones. This technology, which is gathered
together in a tiny, button-like console, includes low-energy Bluetooth,
spherical solar cells, movement sensors and directional antennas.

"The technology powers itself thanks to the solar cells and no connection to the
in-car systems is required - all the user has to do is stick it on. An initial
prototype has already been completed, and if we find the right partner Life
Sticker may be available on the market within a year," says Basim Ali, Tech Lead
at Semcon's innovation lab.

Winner of internal competition
The concept was developed as part of an international competition at Semcon.
Staff from all over the world was encouraged to develop technical solutions on
the basis of the UN's sustainability targets. The winner, Duokai Wang from
Semcon's Shanghai office, came up with the idea of the door warning device with
a view to reducing the number of traffic accidents all over the world. Life
Sticker has taken shape in partnership with Semcon's innovation lab.

"A friend of mine was seriously injured after having cycled into a car door that
was opened right in front of him. This made me think about how we could avoid
such accidents using smart technology. Now we have a solution that could
actually make a difference," says Duokai Wang.

There are 50 million traffic accidents every year, and 1.25 million people die
on the roads -90 per cent of these accidents happen in developing countries. The
UN is aiming to halve that figure by 2020. More than a quarter of deaths in
accidents on the roads involve cyclists and motorcyclists.

The survey of the number of cyclists who had experienced dooring was carried out
on cycling forums in Sweden, the UK, the US and Canada. A total of 1500
responses were received.

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