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Even Millennials Don't Want Electric Cars - So Who Is Pushing Them? - We Believe We Know, Do You?


                   Aspiring Drivers Weigh Automotive Revolution.

AUTO CENTRAL - April 17, 2017: This survey of 158,000 of its millennial visitors revealed their true views about electric cars and self-driving cars and found that seventy percent of millennials do not want to buy an electric car and are much more interested in owning and driving a traditional internal combustion engine vehicle. In addition to this unenthusiastic EV desirability, about two thirds of those surveyed have significant reservations about riding in a self-driving car.
     (Driving is a driving test simulator that mostly caters to young people practicing for their driving license.)

Most of the mainstream media, along with other EV sycophants and know-nothings are shocked and surprised by the results of this survey and by the truth revealed

Electric Vehicles will NEVER replace the 300 million gasoline burning cars on Americas roads for many, many decades - if ever. Electric Vehicles are not wanted by consumers...but they're still being promoted and propagandized as THE only realistic alternative to clean our air, help our economy, reduce the importation of Foreign Oil (which isn't happening), and move into a tra la la future. It's like the lies told in the 1920's and 1930's by the inventors of leaded gasoline to make the public and politicians believe that there was no alternative to tetraethyl lead*.

So who is behind this heavily promoted and propagandized fairy tale of EV's viability as a true alt fuel, despite all of the research and true alternatives out there? Who is pulling the strings of the naive in the state and federal US Governments who have latched on to EV's as a way to enhance their pseudo-patriotism and hopefully connect them with their younger constituents?

Who else but the greed mongers and anti-American rich guys in Silicon Valley (Learn More); Big Oil Oligarchs (both domestic and foreign) who promote their Favorite Alternative Fuel - Electric because they know electric will never challenge their fuels; and of course China, where air pollution is catastrophic and because they control most of the world's lithium reserves.

It's in China's best interest to embrace and deify EV's thereby setting the table to push electric vehicles on an unconvinced western world. It's in Silicon Valley's best interest to emasculate automobiles and create a ground swell for a "Transportation Appliances" sector that replaces traditional automobile design and manufacturing in a new electric and autonomous transportation world that they can dominate.

Who else is pushing EV's?... The venture capital boys, they see the EV bullshit as another way to make billions and billions, regardless of the success of the end product. Remember, these are virtually the same guys from the 1990's who convinced millions of investors that "corporate profits" don't matter and they urged investors to pour billions into worthless companies and ideas. And don't forget the owners Tesla Motors, whose real play is not in a vehicle that will be little more than a footnote in automobile history, but to use partially depleted batteries as a way to arbitrage power, like Enron did...and we all know how beneficial that was to everyone!

We have never been fooled, we saw the future and it was not electric. This is why The Auto Channel, in December 2009, published the ongoing position paper Electric Vehicles Solution Or Diversion comparing the EV fairy-tale with the Tulip Frenzy that took over the Netherlands a few hundred years ago; and it's why we've published hundreds of alt fuel editorials and revealing articles over the past 21 years.

If you want to read thoughts outside of the EV box take the time to read and digest what we have to say about Electric Vehicles and how they are just a smoke screen for an actual, economical, realistic, domestic and renewable fuel that CAN REPLACE GASOLINE now - America's ace in the hole - Ethanol, the fuel that will allow Americans to drive whatever vehicles they choose, and once again consider MPG a personal economic decision not a national security issue.

* SEE: The Ethyl Controversy.