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President Trump - Stand Up For America - Here Is Who Benefits From EV Fairy-tales and Demonization Of Ethanol As The Realistic Replacement for Gasoline

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American Made Ethanol Can Eliminate Uncle Sam's Dependence On Oil

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Here's who we believe are the main beneficiaries of the China Induced Electric Vehicle Tulip-like Frenzy:

Big Oil – by helping take America’s eyes off the real solution they help themselves by keeping a monopolistic and subsidized status-quo going for as long as possible and make us peasants continue using a trillion dollars of gasoline a year .

Big Power – the frenzy creates another reason to discuss deregulation (like Texas and California), raise rates, explore a “smart-grid” to the tune of billions of dollars of DOE research grants, and continue their status-quo.

Wall Street - Billions of dollars are being invested by American taxpayers through DOE grants and those investments are being used to create unrealistic valuations for unneeded start-up battery companies with Investment Bankers, Underwriters, Angels and other Enron types adding to their bank accounts, while helping the bad guys continue their status-quo.

Government - the longer the gasoline status quo continue the longer they collect traditional taxes, for the past three years we have said that if Electric Vehicles were not just a fanciful fairy-tale that the subject of how to collect highway taxes would be front and center… have any of you seen or heard of the way to tax EV’s for necessary road repairs and construction?

Car Companies - Govermenet subsidized research. There is lots of DOE research money being spread around in the U.S, lots of battery investment bull. Although U.S. domestic brands are virtually all flex-fuel capable they are pushing the EV fairy-tale and have been obviously quiet about their competitive advantage(why we ask?). Today European and Asian car makers offer all of their domestic models as ultra-fuel efficient diesels, could American car makers see EV's as the way to penetrate European and Asian markets, what else could it be, with all research showing that American consumers don't believe that EV's will be wildely accepted here in North America.

UAW Huh? - why hasn’t the UAW promoted a government mandate for the replacement of gasoline by American farmer and local industry produced Flex-fuel (E85). Building only Flex-fuel models would be both Patriotic and result in a boon to their dues paying members at UAW auto plants(why we asked, but got no answer)