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VocalZoom, in collaboration with Honda’s Xcelerator program, will be at CES 2017 and will feature interactive and immersive experiences designed to showcase a future technology path toward a redefined mobility experience at Honda’s booth (#7312).



VocalZoom’s Human to Machine (HMC) optical sensor takes the risk and inconvenience out of today’s connected car experience by delivering seamless, near-perfect voice-control performance even with background noise from open windows, engine noise, music playing, passenger conversations and other interference.
At Honda’s “Cooperative Mobility Ecosystem” showcase during CES, VocalZoom will demonstrate the benefits of installing a single VocalZoom optical sensor in a car’s rear-view mirror, dashboard, seats or ceiling, where it can be used to acquire data from tiny vibrations in a driver’s facial skin while issuing voice commands. This data is measured and converted to an isolated, near-perfect reference signal that automotive voice control systems can understand and quickly respond to, regardless of noise levels. Tests have shown performance improvements of at least 50 percent compared to traditional speech-recognition technology in a quiet automotive environment, and even better in noisy environments. CES visitors will be able to hear the difference for themselves as they listen to and observe voice-control performance in various driving environments, both with VocalZoom optical sensor technology and without.


The Honda booth, #7312 in the North Hall of the Las Vegas Convention Center.


January 5-8, 2017

For more information or to schedule a briefing at CES, contact Kelly Poffenberger at

About VocalZoom

VocalZoom supplies Human-to-Machine Communication (HMC) sensors for delivering a natural, personalized and secure voice-controlled user experience in today’s increasingly mobile and interconnected world. The sensors enable accurate and reliable voice control and biometrics authentication in any environment, regardless of noise. Applications including mobile secure payments, headsets and wearables, mobile phones, access control, smart home solutions, and hands-free automotive voice control. For more information, visit and follow the company on LinkedIn.


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