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Financial Times Reports Apple Considering Buying Auto Maker McLaren


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The Financial Times reported that Apple held talks on McLaren supercars takeover

Comments from Kelley Blue Book analysts regarding reports that Apple is considering buying automaker McLaren.

From Karl Brauer, senior analyst for Kelley Blue Book:
“Apple is a tech company exploring the possibility of building a car. McLaren is a car company that always has incorporated advanced technology, and it's currently one of the most popular brands in Silicon Valley. A tie-up between the two would make sense on multiple levels, giving Apple instant credibility as a viable automaker. McLaren would need to drastically increase its production capacity to serve the Apple customer base, but this pairing would lay the groundwork for Apple as a carmaker.”

From Jack R. Nerad, executive editorial director and executive market analyst for Kelley Blue Book:
“This is a bit of déjà vu. When Tesla Motors was cranking up operations, it teamed with sports car maker Lotus to quickly acquire the expertise to build vehicles in small lots. Now that scenario could be repeating itself with the rumored purchase of McLaren, another low-volume sports car producer, by Apple. There have been suggestions that Apple’s auto efforts have been stumbling recently, so the acquisition of McLaren could, quite literally, get the company back on the fast track.”

From Michael Harley, analyst for Kelley Blue Book:
“Apple’s potential acquisition of McLaren isn’t nearly as far-fetched as its initially sounds. Apple has been rumored, but never officially confirmed, to be working on an electric car. McLaren is well-known as a manufacturer of high-performance sports and racing cars, but its true expertise is in engineering lightweight materials such as carbon fiber and aluminum, both of which are key building blocks to designing an innovative lightweight vehicle. Combine McLaren’s many proprietary patents with its proficiency in race technology, high-tech medical devices, and research, and the two do appear to be a perfect match for each other.”

From Akshay Anand, analyst for Kelley Blue Book:
“Apple buying a carmaker has always made more sense than building a car from scratch, provided the deal is of good value. Creating a car is an incredibly hard task that requires in-depth knowledge, and McLaren has the added benefits of a great brand combined with a data-focused culture, which Apple undoubtedly appreciates. It's clear Apple still has its eyes on the autonomous car business, and wants to be a relevant player in the future.”