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First Non-Flex Fuel Vehicle Approved For E25 - 70% Of New Cars Approved For E15

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2016 MINI HardTop

2016 MINI Hard Top is the first non-flex fuel vehicle approved for higher ethanol-gasoline blends

AUTO CENTRAL - February 1, 2016: The Auto Channel received confirmation today from Urban Air Initiative and RFA (Renewable Fuels Association) that the latest model MINI hard top is approved by MINI and BMW to run on E25 fuel - 25% ethanol blended with gasoline. Although it's just one model out of dozens available to American consumers, this represents a huge victory for proponents of ethanol since E25 contains more than twice the volume of ethanol compared to standard E10. This is also welcome affirmation to those who have long known the truth about ethanol-gasoline blends in non-flex fuel vehicles; that modern non-flex fuel cars and light trucks can safely, efficiently, and economically use higher ethanol-gasoline blends than E10 or E15 (10% and 15% ethanol, respectively). Many proponents of ethanol, like The Auto Channel's Marc Rauch, have regularly used ethanol-gasoline blends up to and over E50 in their non-flex fuel cars.

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MINI Owner's Manual - text box enlarged for clarity

RFA also confirmed that approximately 70% of all 2016 gasoline-powered passenger vehicles available in America have been approved by their manufacturers to use E15. In 2015, only 60% of 2015 gasoline-powered passenger vehicles available in America were approved by their manufacturers to use E15. Four years ago the EPA cleared all gasoline-powered cars manufactured in 2001 and after for E15 use.

"What makes this announcement so especially gratifying is that it comes on the heels of the latest attempts by the oil industry to claim that many automobile manufacturers have been backing away from supporting ethanol-gasoline blends higher than E10," said Marc Rauch. "One report written by Jillian Kay Melchior and published by National Review stated that many vehicle manufacturers will no longer offer warranties when ethanol comprises 10 percent or more of fuel. The RFA research clearly puts the National Review claim at the bottom of the toilet with the other lies invented by the Oil Industry, where they belong."

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