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NEWSMAKER Podcast: Is Ethanol Worth Your Vote? Interview with POET and NASCAR Engine Builder +VIDEO

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The Other Co-publisher's Note: Hey fellow TACH'ers, if you have any doubt in your belief that Ethanol is the only true candidate and the only logical drop-in replacement of gasoline, the contents in this Podcast will eliminate any nagging doubts you might have and elevate your total support of ethanol .

If you are on the fence, what you will hear will bring you over from the dark side to the light (right) side of the argument. The truth will set you free and allow you to become a true American Patriot and join the millions of us who enthusiastically support a 100% American Made Fuel, a fuel that can be dropped into filing station tanks across our country tomorrow, a fuel that provides more power, is cleaner burning, is cooler burning, costs less, and helps engines last longer!

If you are still not convinced and have the goods to denigrate what you heard, we here at The Auto Channel feel obligated to give you equal time...but not to spout the same old tired Oil Company lies and fabrications about ethanol.

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Special Election Year Report On Ethanol and NASCAR Fuel

AUTO CENTRAL - January 28, 2016: The Auto Channel presents a special podcast with Jeff Broin, Chairman and CEO of POET Ethanol and Dr. Andy Randolph, Technical Director of Earnhardt Childress Racing Engines.

Marc Rauch, TACH's executive vice-president and co-founder, talks with Jeff and Andy about issues related to the presidential primaries, ethanol myths, NASCAR, and the general state-of-the-ethanol industry.

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