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Replace World's Car Makers? Silicon Valley, China, Electric Utilities and Investment Bankers On Their Way To Disrupt The Auto Industry and The Historic Need For Traditional Car Companies

And big strong handsome auto industry believed that "digital daisy" just wanted a loving partner...wrong!

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EDITOR'S NOTE #1 - February 11, 2017: I have just returned from the Chicago Auto Show, where the President of GM and Head designer for FCA spent most of their presentation time talking about this autonomous crap...and now the Ford 1 billion dollar investment in AI...don't the car company executives realize they are setting themselves up to be eaten like this Romeo of a praying mantis...buh bye auto industry buh bye...if you can't beat them buy them.

EDITOR'S NOTE #2 - January 9, 2017: I'm here in Detroit at the Wake for the historic auto industry which is taking place at the 2017 Detroit Auto Show, forget about love of cars, forget about a relationship with your car, forget about driving and the freedom it allows, because folks in the new world run by digital geeks personal cars will be replaced by "Transportation Appliances" (copyright, 2017 The Auto Channel)...more later.

Originally Published January 8, 2016

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By Bob Gordon
President and Co-publisher
The Auto Channel


AUTO CENTRAL - January 8, 2016: After this past weeks onslaught of self-serving ulterior motivated Silicon Valley originated and paid for propaganda about the autonomous car at CES - Consumer Electronics Show, and the rolling stone momentum pushed along by the digital claque, including sycophants in the press (c/net, Tech Crunch, Silicon Valley Savants, My Digit Is Bigger than Yours, ETC.), along with I'm sorry to say, snake-oil lovers from within the auto business, I couldn't take it anymore and had to react.

Two weeks ago, November 27, 2015, The Auto Channel published a position paper “Autonomous Driving May Kill The Automobile Industry” in which we opined that there is a momentum building that will change cars and driving forever, in fact we believe that with a ubiquitous mandating (which short sighted politicos love) of autonomous vehicles, the auto industry will dry up and go the way of the horse and carriage...

We believe the Silicon Valley promoted appliance-izing of the car will eliminate any need for differentiation in performance, driving capabilities thus eliminating any need for multiple vehicle manufacturers and worst of all, the inevitable development of a “Central Road Control Network” will enable a system that can be easily co-opted to eliminate our collective freedom of mobility.

Our belief is, just as know-nothing digital geeks made billion of dollars by disrupting the advertising business, for the we say worst, so will they disrupt the car business and profit from the one size fits all vehicle thus eliminating the desire to Love Your Vehicle, and the need to manufacture option filled and designed unique automobiles.

For the past two weeks The Auto Channel stood alone in our belief that modern digital driving gadgets on vehicles are actually helping to solve some safe driving issues, but taken to its promoted end will encourage shallow thinkers to support a harmful and self serving fully digitally driven automotive world.

Below are links to stories (more to come) from others who like The Auto Channel believe as we do that the implementation of helpful driving safety options is not an invitation to change the way we feel about our vehicles and not an invitation to profit from our lack of mobility options. Let me know what you think,

PHOTO (select to view enlarged photo)
Autonomous Highway System tests, 1950s GM and RCA developed automated highway prototypes with radio control for speed and steering. Magnets in the car tracked a steel cable embedded in the road; control towers managed overall traffic flow. Credit: Radio Corporation of America (RCA)
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