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Rear View Safety Continues to Advance Road Safety on a National Level

rear view camera

NEW YORK -- April 14, 2015: Rear View Safety, an industry leader in backup camera system solutions for the advancement of road safety across the United States, has unveiled a number of new products that were specifically designed with spring driving conditions in mind. As the weather starts getting nicer outside, more and more pedestrians and cyclists will be on the roads that cannot be ignored by drivers.

During the winter, drivers tend to become complacent to the fact that they only have to contend with Mother Nature and other drivers while on the road. That all changes after the first nice day of spring comes around, when pedestrians, cyclists and other begin to appear on the streets in greater numbers. The more people on the roads and streets, the greater the increased risk for potential accidents to occur.

One of the most promising products made available by Rear View Safety is the RVS-776718-BB backup camera system. In a single camera setup, you get both a backup camera and a dash camera at the same time. In most other situations, you would be forced to purchase two separate devices if you wanted the ability to see the area in front of and behind your car at the same time. Thanks to the 4.3 inch screen, forward facing camera and rear facing camera, you can record high definition video from all directions at all times. An SD card slot installed on the side of the device itself allows you to record up to 32 gigabytes of footage. The unit also comes with an optional GPS system that allows you to pinpoint the vehicle's exact location and speed along with the visual information from the cameras.

The unit will still be a huge benefit to drivers during the winter, as well. Snow drifts tend to not only change rapidly, but can also block the vision of the driver in unnatural ways. Backup camera systems like the RVS-776718-BB help make sure that drivers have all of the visual information they need to make safe decisions at all times.

If you'd like to find out more information about intelligent road safety solutions like the RVS-776718-BB backup camera system, or about other products and services that are being developed by Rear View Safety, please visit the company's official website today at Rear View Safety.