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ZAP and Jonway Auto Receive Endorsement And Recognition from Zhejiang Mayor and Party Secretaries As One of the Key Emerging EV Companies in China

zap jonway
Zap Jonway SUV

SANTA ROSA, CA -- Aug. 28, 2014: ZAP (ZAAP), an Electric Vehicle (EV) automotive company incorporated in California and headquartered in Santa Rosa, California, and its subsidiary Jonway Auto received endorsement and accolades from Zhejiang Taizhou Mayor Mr. Zhang Bing, and Zhejiang Taizhou Party Secretary Mr. Wu Wei Rong in recent visits to Jonway Auto's factory in Sanmen, Zhejiang. Specific recognition was given to Jonway Auto's contribution to the industry in leading new energy vehicles, and its role in developing practical, safe and good quality EV products for China's mass market at an affordable price. Previously, Mr. Xia Bao Lung, Party Secretary of Zhejiang also visited the factory in support of Jonway Auto's pioneer effort in developing innovative and cost effective EV products for the China market.

Mr. Zhang Bing, Mayor of Taizhou city, and his delegation visited Jonway Auto on Aug 13, 2014, and were favorable impressed with ZAP and Jonway Auto's EV product line and subsequently followed with suggestions on how Jonway Auto can more quickly expand its EV market in China with licensing grants particularly for the Urbee which is well positioned for the smaller urban cities of China.

One of the key target markets for Jonway Auto's EV products in China is the government market, especially for the EV SUV and EV minivan products which are standard speed highway EV products that are eligible for large government subsidies. The smaller Urbee product line targets small urban cities in China and with the potential possibility of receiving special licensing support from the regional government, this market could expand further.

Jonway Group, the joint partner of ZAP and founder of Jonway Auto is headquartered in Taizhou, which is a city that is a couple of hundred miles of coastline on the eastern border of China just south of Shanghai and Ningbo. It is also the city where Geely Zhejiang Holding Group, the current holding company of Volvo was originally founded. With the endorsement and support of the Mayor of Taizhou in Zhejiang, Jonway Auto will be better position to address the potential government fleet opportunities within the surrounding regions.