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"No AUX Jack" --No Problem with Innovative Consumer Electronics Accessories

connected car

Telematics, virtualization, and the advent of artificial intelligence become focal points of debate. Mpow, an innovative accessory company is increasingly working on specialized technological solutions to help improve customer's user experience.

SANTA CLARA, CA -- July 17, 2014: Over the years, the same way the telephone has become much more than a simple means of communication, car manufacturers and consumers have moved on from the concept of a means of transportation pure and simple to a more elaborate product, a "smart car," a living space that answers one's social demands for info-tainment and safety.

The Mpow Streambot Y is a Bluetooth-FM transmitter available on Amazon that connects a car's audio system to mobile phone, tablet or laptop to broadcast over a car's speakers. It is the answer to the "no AUX jack" problem many car owners face when wanting to connect their mobile devices to their car audio systems.

- Plug-and-Play, auto-connect The Mpow Streambot Y is an easy to use, easy to set-up device with an FM radio receiver. It connects to a mobile phone via Bluetooth; simply plug it into the car charger socket, set up the Bluetooth connection (it later pairs automatically), tune the car radio system to the required FM channel, and enjoy the quality and power of the car's audio system to listen to your own playlists and make phone calls.

- Auto on/off function The Mpow Streambot Y is truly an ideal accessory for anyone ON-THE-GO as it has been carefully designed so that it turns on and off automatically along with the user's car, making it an integral part of the car rather than just an added accessory.

- Charge and USB port Whereas most Bluetooth receivers need to be charged every few days and require you to press the power button for several seconds for each use, the Mpow Streambot Y works as long as it is plugged into the car power socket. It is also equipped with a power button for those who wish to use it. To add a little versatility, they have designed The Mpow Streambot Y with a USB port so that users may also charge their mobile phones, MP3 players and tablets while streaming their audio.

The concept of "intelligentization" is simple and in-car intelligentization is a major component of the trend. At Mpow they believe that in-car intelligentization through the use of unique accessories requires special consideration of a users' needs in order to provide the best possible integrated automotive experience.