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8,176 Original Minis Driving Around British Roads

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AUTO CENTRAL, UK; July 11, 2014: There are still 8,176 original Minis driving around British roads whereas its unloved replacement, the Mini Metro sold under the Austin and Rover brands, has fared less well with just 3,262 left despite being produced later on.

According to, there are 34 different Austin Mini models remaining on UK roads. Some models are the last of their kind; someone is driving around Britain in the last licensed Austin Mini ‘850 Van’ and there are just 3 Mini ‘SPL’ versions left.

Only 3,261 of the poorly-built and unloved Austin and Rover Metros are left on the roads with an amazingly high 77 model versions. Some are facing total extinction; there is just one Austin Metro ‘HL’ left and two licensed Rover Metro ‘MG Turbo’ versions remaining.

A spokesman said, “Since we launched our #CarCountUK page, 10s of thousands of people have visited the site to see how many of the cars they knew, loved and drove remain on British roads. Of the greatest surprise to many is the fact that they are discovering the car they drive today might also be quite rare.”

Today’s Exclusive Cars

BMW has been successful worldwide with the modern Mini and there are 490,376 registered for British roads. There are only three Mini Cooper Graphite C-Man DA models registered: their owners can rightly claim to own a very rare and exclusive modern car. The most exclusive Mini driver in Britain is the owner of the only Mini One ‘Soho Clubman Auto’ registered before December 2013.

There are 206 different modern Mini models registered to drive on British roads. In an increasing trend to ‘design’ a car, offered by Fiat 500, Vauxhall Adam and others, prospective owners can choose exactly what they want from thousands of extras to add on to the hundreds of base models available., the UK’s biggest car review site with over 601,179 car owner reviews and opinions, designed their #CarCountUK website so anyone could find out how many of a certain model of car is left registered to drive on public roads. The figures are produced each year by the government and has taken this and reprocessed the information so it is easy, and free, to use. There may be other models of any of the cars mentioned in garages and sheds but these, for whatever reason, have been taken off the road by their owners.