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Make July 4th Your "Energy" Independence Day +VIDEO

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The Auto Channel to Commemorate Fourth Annual Energy Independence Day with HD Fireworks Broadcast

By Marc J. Rauch
Exec. Vice President/Co-Publisher

Faced with a federal administration that goes out of its way to destroy America, celebrating our country's birthday this year may be even tougher than before. But it’s all the more reason why it’s important to show the flag (assuming it's still okay with Obama and Pelozzi to fly American flags even though it may offend our "friends" to the north, south, east or west, in addition to all the terrorists hiding out in the UN Building in New York). It's also important to remember what our independence is really all about.

Two hundred and forty years ago, representatives of the thirteen American colonies came together to demand certain recognition and rights from the British. Not being granted either the recognition or the rights they declared their independence and pioneered a radical new direction for the entire world: self-rule by the people, for the people. The going was not easy over the next two centuries, and at several points along the way it looked like America could succumb to domestic or foreign threats. When the Soviet Union “collapsed,” we briefly thought we were safe from communism and able to move on to a world in which all people of all nations could finally believe that they are capable of making their own choices without the need of a monarch or dictator to tell them what they should do or think.

Unfortunately, as we have seen in the past twenty-plus years; and especially in the last seven and a half years of the Obama debacle – whose election was supposed to soothe-over all the bad feelings with Cuba, North Korea, Venezuela, Iran, the greater Muslim world, and the assorted African pirate nations – despotism is alive and flourishing greater than ever. When Hugo Chavez calling Barack Obama a moron soon after Obama’s first inauguration, Chavez’s comment seemed a bit harsh. But now, looking back, it seems to have been quite prophetic.

And despite a rather promising major energy speech that was given by Obama in August 2008, in which he espoused great determination in leading the country to energy independence, all he has done is to become one of the “ruling-pigs” in the Animal Farm that is best known as the OPEC Oligarchy, or perhaps I should say “oil-garchy.”

The Oil-garchy is in firm control, and like the beard in Cuba, those monkeys in Iran, the new neanderthal in Venezuela, and the dwarf in North Korea, there’s no sign that OPEC is in danger of losing its grip on our economy.

Why? Because there are too many politicians taking money from the oil industry (I'm talking about politicians from all parties); and because there are too many media commentators who are in one way or another on the oil lobby payroll. Unfortunately I have to also include the far too many well-intentioned citizens who have been misled into thinking that alternative fuels are anti-American.

During the past few years, I’ve received a few emails from visitors to that say that we are hammering away too much on gasoline and supporting alternative energy and fuel too vigorously. They express the sentiment that we are not patriotic, and that despite all the other great automotive information that we provide, because of our stance against gasoline that they will not use our website again. Sometimes the emails will quote one or more of the hack lies invented to disparage the alternative solutions, and sometimes the emails merely accuse us of being anti-American or anti-capitalism.

Fortunately, this group of nay-sayers is tenny-tiny, and our traffic has not suffered from it at all. But, we say to them and to all those that support the oil and gasoline companies, “It is you who are anti-American; it is you who are un-patriotic; and that when you support the country’s continued reliance on gasoline you are directly supporting terrorism and all those people who hate America. By buying into that poison fuel you prop up their criminal regimes and the power of their petro-dollar wealth.”

If we devalue gasoline, by cutting our use of it, we undercut their power; and this is true of all gasoline, regardless of where the oil wells from which it is produced are located. Even if America only used “American” oil, it still supports the global prices and OPEC's power.

By the way, this isn’t true just for the United States, it’s true for all the major free-market countries. If you are a patriotic Brit, or Canadian, or Frenchman, or Italian, or Spaniard or German or Australian, you owe it to your country to get rid of its addiction to gasoline.

If you really want to say goodbye to people like Hugo Chavez; see an end to Middle Eastern provoked terrorism; a just conclusion for Castro, the Iranian monkeys and Kim Jong-Il; to kick Russia in its new oil-rich arrogant ass; and to throw some crooked politicians out of office; then it is imperative that we attain energy independence by overthrowing the shackles of gasoline oil-garchy.

To honor America, a strong-free market economy and the fourth celebration of energy independence day, will feature a very special high definition fireworks broadcast at 9PM EDT, on Friday, July 4th. The fireworks display will then be archived for continuous playback thereafter.

Say “no” to despotism. Say “no” to religious fanatical terrorism. Say “no” to using our military as a mercenary force. Say “drop dead” to all those who hate us. Spend some time learning the truth about alternative fuels and energy solutions, and get ready to embrace a thriving gasoline-free economy.