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Gulf Racing Fuel's MACH Blend Drives Maximum Power In Granatelli Motorsports Dyno Test

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HOUSTON - June 20, 2014: When it comes to a ‘need for speed’, it’s not a good idea to be ‘fuelish’ by using pump gas to test an engines maximum power rating. Using the correct high-performance fuel can make a significant difference, as Gulf Racing Fuels proved in the case of a recent customer car dyno test in Oxnard California.

The west coast is typically considered to be an automotive performance Mecca and this belief is clearly illustrated by what the folks at Granatelli Motor Sports (GMS) do with specialty coupes and sedans. The company distributes and installs aftermarket speed components for a range of American muscle cars including the Ford Mustang, the Chevrolet Corvette and Camaro, along with Fiat-Chrysler’s SRT Challenger, Charger and 300c variants.

Aside from an obvious ability to bring world-class engineering talent together with cutting-edge components and systems, GMS’ installation and test processes are enhanced by the introduction of Gulf Racing Fuel’s unleaded MACH products to insure that measurable differences between a car’s power baseline and maximum engine performance are easily defined. In the latter case, however, even the guys in Oxnard experienced a recent shock when working through a 2014 Chevy Camaro ZL-1 twin-turbo on the dyno, since the fuel difference ended up producing an increase of 161.60 HP, thereby delivering a total power measurement of 1311 HP.

“MACH fuel provides us with up to three levels of stoich. This allows us to lean the system out and advance turbo boost,” said GMS’ Joey Granatelli, “(…) that, along with advancing turbo timing, valve and ignition creates a real difference. We have been using MACH products in our shop for some time and they’ve always produced solid performance.”

“One another thing to remember,” Granatelli continued, “(…) is that this particular Camaro is stock and not a racecar, per se. When I say that, I mean the customer drives his car every day in surface street traffic, and on the freeway. He only takes the car to the track a couple of times a year, so that’s pretty cool when you think about it.”

The folks at Gulf Racing Fuels are equally impressed with how MACH blends are working out, “I am continually amazed at what the tuning shops can do with our new unleaded racing fuels,” says Gulf’s CEO Jess Hewitt. “We knew that the fuel was detonation resistant, but we didn’t anticipate how far tuning could go to increase performance and horsepower.”

“The fuels are expensive to be sure, but nothing else can get an engine to produce enormous horsepower gains without harming the oxygen sensors and catalytic converter. Now, any late model car can become a racecar with adaptable tuning and Gulf MACH fuels.”

Jim Ferraro from Parts-Grabber has been equally impressed with this fuel since he is a seasoned dyno tuner himself.

“These fuels continue to amaze me,” said Ferraro. “You used to have to pick octane levels carefully, and there were always ‘taxes’ to pay for one choice or the other; too high of an octane provided the detonation resistance you needed, but a slower burn rate caused startup issues and loss of low end torque. Lower octane fuel usually helped alleviate the problem, but then you give up detonation resistance and couldn’t really ‘go for it’ when tuning.

Now, Gulf MACH series unleaded fuels achieve high detonation resistance, while maintaining tight burn rates. As a result, they function almost like “multi-grade octane” fuels, while offering considerably more flexibility as a tuner while getting all of the power and all of the throttle response, along with confidence that the fuel will produce the same performance result, every time.

Frankly, in my view Gulf Mach fuels are the best overall race fuels on the planet.”

About Gulf Racing Fuels MACH Products
Gulf Racing Fuel MACH blends are marked by higher explosive velocity producing more effective throttle response and resistance to detonation, while encouraging advanced timing. The products are particularly effective when utilized in conjunction with OEM or turbocharged powerplants. MACH products contain no ethanol, and provide better lubricity when compared with leaded fuels. In addition to obvious performance advantages, the products also protect against engine oxygen sensor and catalytic converter damage. For more information visit Or write to 12455 Westpark Drive, Suite G6 Houston, TX 77082. Email

About Granatelli Motor Sports (GMS)
Founded in 1989 by J.R. Granatelli and now headquartered in Oxnard, California, Granatelli Motor Sports (GMS) designs, engineers, distributes and installs after-market performance automotive parts and accessories. The Company's strong engineering background enables GMS to focus on designing and engineering computer based electronic components such as mass airflow sensors, computer tuners, flash tools, and diesel modules as well as suspension systems and components for American Muscle cars like Camaro, Corvette, Mustang, GT500, SRT8 Challenger, Charger and 300C. The Company's products are available nationwide through most mail order programs, retailers, dealers and warehouse distributors. Granatelli operating out of a 42,000 facility in sunny Southern California and is a California Corporation. For more information visit

About Parts-Grabber
Parts-Grabber is an automotive connection service, consulting company and turnkey sales & marketing partner for Gulf Racing Fuels. Their staff includes individuals who are seasoned in dyno shops, racing fuel and drag racing world and they will be handling the dealer program and education process for Gulf Racing Fuels. They will also be organizing the sponsorship program, coordinating sanctioning body relations and attending events.