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Advanced High-Strength Steels Application Guidelines Version 5.0 combines metallurgy, forming and joining experiences from around the world


LIVONIA, MI--May 16, 2014: At the Great Designs in Steel automotive conference, WorldAutoSteel announced the launch of the Advanced High-Strength Steels Application Guidelines (AHSS Guidelines) Version 5.0, the largest and most comprehensive update since its first publication in 2004.

WorldAutoSteel offers the AHSS Guidelines free of charge at to aid automakers and manufacturers in applying the latest in lightweighting with steel.

"These guidelines are the leading AHSS information resource for engineers and press shop personnel," said Ronald Krupitzer, vice president, automotive market for the Steel Market Development Institute, a business unit of the American Iron and Steel Institute. "It represents the steel industry's strong commitment not only to produce new generation steels, but to assist automakers in actively applying them."

Previous versions covered metallurgy, forming and joining. Version 5.0 includes new content highlighting the broader materials portfolio, advanced fabrication technologies and optimized joining processes.

Applications of the latest steels will proliferate during the next 10 years as auto manufacturers seek to achieve improved safety and fuel economy requirements for their customers. Current vehicles have not nearly exhausted the breadth of AHSS grades available that can achieve lightweighting targets at less cost and five to 20 times less production emissions than alternative materials. This rapid increase in demand requires users of AHSS to quickly learn the basics about AHSS and acquire specific application knowledge. AHSS Guidelines Version 5.0 gathers that knowledge and experience in two volumes. Volume I includes metallurgy, forming and joining. Volume II includes over 200 pages of case studies, which demonstrate actual manufacturing practices.

Following the series of UltraLight Programs* developed over a decade ago, which influenced the growth of high-strength steel and AHSS vehicle applications around the globe, WorldAutoSteel formed an expert group from global steel companies to create the first AHSS Guidelines. The publication explains how and why AHSS are different from traditional higher-strength steels in terms of formability, fabrication and joining. Over the last decade, the size of each revised guidelines document increased as more knowledge was accumulated. The last document (Version 4.1) was published in June 2009.

During the last five years, additional research and press shop experiences have resulted in an even greater understanding of these unique steels. AHSS Guidelines Version 5.0 was created to capture this additional knowledge, as well as lessons learned from the FutureSteelVehicle (FSV) program. This update doubles the content of the previous volume, with a vast amount of new hands-on experience from the design and manufacturing of AHSS vehicle applications.

Technical editors for AHSS Guidelines Version 5.0 are Stuart Keeler, Sc.D. a globally respected expert in metallurgy, who has served in this role since the first publication, and Menachem Kimchi, M.Sc. welding engineering, who contributed a wealth of joining information to Version 5.0.

AHSS Guidelines Version 5.0 and its accompanying case studies can be downloaded for free in PDF format at A printed, spiral bound two-volume set will soon be available for order.

* UltraLight Programs include UltraLight Steel Auto Body 1998, UltraLight Steel Auto Closures 2001, UltraLight Steel Auto Suspensions 2001 and UltraLight Steel Auto Body Advanced Vehicle Concepts 2002. FSV, the latest in the series of lightweight steel demonstrations, was completed in 2011. Learn more about these lightweighting programs at

AISI serves as the voice of the North American steel industry in the public policy arena and advances the case for steel in the marketplace as the preferred material of choice. AISI also plays a lead role in the development and application of new steels and steelmaking technology. AISI is comprised of 22 members, including integrated and electric furnace steelmakers, and approximately 125 associate members who are suppliers to or customers of the steel industry. AISI's member companies represent over three quarters of both U.S. and North American steel capacity.