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All-New Lincoln MKC Provides Backdrop for Design Discussion at Long View Gallery

lincoln mkc
2015 Lincoln MKC

2015 Lincoln MKC, the brand’s first small premium utility, provides compelling backdrop to informative, entertaining dialogue around designing for a younger luxury customer

>Luxury automotive and interior designers strive to create warm, open and inviting environments

>Dillon Blanski, Lincoln exterior designer, and Antonio Molinari, Lincoln interior designer, compared strategies with Rob Brown and Todd Davis of Brown Davis Interiors

WASHINGTON--May 6, 2014: Creating a warm, open and inviting environment aimed at a younger luxury customer is at the heart of the design of the all-new Lincoln MKC, the brand’s first small premium utility.

“The thought is to have a very classic-looking or traditional ‘shell’ with a modern interior, often seen in the kitchen and furniture, that reflects the personality and tastes of the client.”

Muscular, athletic exterior design complemented by stunning interior amenities and rich materials combine to create an atmosphere where the driver feels both comfortable and in control.

Interior designers strive to achieve many of these same goals when crafting a home’s interior, particularly the desire to offer comfort while expressing personal style.

Often the result is progressive, classic design with a modern twist, a trend that experts in the fields of luxury automotive design and interior home design discussed during an informal, yet informative, luncheon on Monday at Long View Gallery. The event was the third stop on Lincoln’s “Engage Your Senses” tour, a series of events designed to shine a light on the new Lincoln MKC ahead of its release this summer.

“The Lincoln MKC was designed with a younger customer in mind,” said Dillon Blanski, exterior designer, Lincoln Motor Company. “Through our research, we came to understand that the customer for this car wants a vehicle that is warm, open and inviting. It also has to be sporty and exuberant.”

The clean, taut, muscular lines of the 2015 Lincoln MKC draw the eye and build anticipation, which carries over to the interior design execution.

“A key outcome of interior luxury automotive design is to complement and amplify what you see with a warm and inviting environment,” said Antonio Molinari, interior designer, Lincoln Motor Company.

“In the interior, the goal to appeal to a younger luxury customer is shown in particular in the line work, which is spirited and energetic. Most lines in a luxury car are quite long. Instead, we created lines with more snap and acceleration. One of my inspirations was a Formula One car approaching a turn: it slows when approaching, then accelerates with tons of energy out of the turn.”

Relentless attention to detail and quality materials separate luxury automotive design.

New Deepsoft leather, developed exclusively for the Lincoln MKC by renowned leather manufacturer Bridge of Weir®, authentic “open pore” wood trim and unique door-panel stitching elevate the elegance of the interior.

The all-new leather-wrapped steering wheel with a softer, thicker grip is available in hand-stitched Wollsdorf® leather.

Details such as these are comparable to what Brown and Davis contend with as they design home interiors.

Brown Davis Interiors designed two residences for the Clintons, the British Embassy residence and an array of exceptional projects involving contemporary and historic renovation.

Davis sees parallels between luxury automotive and high-end living space in terms of clean, classic and understated exterior design complemented by rich, engaging interiors.

“If you look at the architectural landscape of Washington, it’s very rich in tradition; it’s about cohesiveness and not standing out too much,” Davis said. “The thought is to have a very classic-looking or traditional ‘shell’ with a modern interior, often seen in the kitchen and furniture, that reflects the personality and tastes of the client.”

Brown added that both design disciplines want to challenge their clients in a positive way.

“It’s a very personal experience as we create ideas and get response and feedback from the client,” he said. “In the end what we try to do is take clients to a place they ordinarily wouldn’t get to by themselves.”

Previously, the “Engage Your Senses” tour stopped in Miami for a visit with celebrity chef Minerva Vazquez and then in Atlanta as personal service was explored with the staff of the Mandarin Oriental Atlanta Hotel.

The tour will continue with events in Boston and Chicago. The all-new 2015 Lincoln MKC is scheduled to be on sale in Lincoln showrooms this summer.