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The 2014 Mercedes-Benz CLA: Kitten's Got Talent +Video

mercedes-benz cla
2014 Mercedes-Benz CLA

April 11, 2014: The swoopy, feline form of the Mercedes-Benz CLA is set be the subject of a new, purr-fectly judged TV ad, launching this weekend.

The aerodynamic CLA is a car with cat-titude and the ad will be shown for the first time a whisker before 7.30 pm, during ITV’s Britain’s Got Talent this Saturday.

The CLA has the one of the most aerodynamic shapes of any production car – meaning it uses less fuel and creates less noise as it purrs along the road. By way of demonstrating its remarkable aerodynamic credentials, the new advert introduces a sleepy kitty to the CLA’s swoopy coupé form, with predictable results.

The star, a placid tabby cat called William, didn’t use up any of his nine lives, nor his cat-like reflexes during the course of the making of the advert – being specially trained for the occasion and docile in nature, having appeared on screen for nearly 10 years. Employing camera trickery and old fashioned props, William was able to slide on a piece of gently moved fabric across the windscreen under the careful supervision of his trainer.

Giving viewers paws for thought, the result is a simple, light-hearted demonstration of slippery aerodynamics in action.

What The American Press Thinks Of The 2014 Mercedes-Benz CLA


"Of course, the big question surrounding the 2014 Mercedes-Benz CLA-Class sedan is whether you'll see it as a genuine Mercedes-Benz or a half-hearted budget alternative. The CLA certainly feels like the real thing from the cockpit, as premium materials and a suite of safety and multimedia features check all the boxes for Benzness.

The Wall Street Journal

"Tellingly, the CLA is heavy on value-wert, the Germans say-with standards such as seven air bags, the 5.8-inch LCD screen with central controller, the mBrace2 telematics system, and the Collision Prevention Assist system, and a load of competitively priced options. But its real appeal is in the optics. It looks like a winner."

USA Today

"Overall, the CLA is disappointing. Yes, it has a lot of features and stature for the price. And the styling's nonpareil. But, no, it's not all the way there in refinement and premium persona, which largely are what make a luxury brand worthwhile."

Popular Mechanics

"We're pretty certain Mercedes has a hit on its hands. The CLA moves the company into a lower financial rung, but doesn't feel like a cheap, low-content car made simply to boost sales figures. And attractive styling helps separate the CLA from the rest of the entry-level luxury pack."

Lane News

The CLA250 is a budget-priced Mercedes-Benz that is hardly budget-equipped. Featuring just the right amount of wrong in a car that an average Joe can afford, it is the perfect vehicle that will draw new customers to the brand as their older more established buyers age out."