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2015 Ford Mustang Wind Tunnel Testing And Other Tidbits +VIDEO

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2015 Ford Mustang Cutting Through The Wind

By Michael Bernstein
The Auto Channel
Michigan Bureau

The long anticipated introduction of the next generation Mustang is being preceded by a series of sneak peeks and technical forums that the automaker is presenting in advance of the launch, scheduled for late summer or early fall and from all accounts this pony is going to be a thoroughbred.

The car has great lines and promises to be equally impressive on the road, but for now its performance capabilities have been limited to the impressive showing the new Mustang generated in the wind tunnel. That’s right not on the road but in Ford’s impressive test facility that is capable of generation wind speeds in excess of 60mph and it was here that Ford’s new wheel aero curtains, active grill shutters and other aero dynamics features were put on display and presented.

What is a wheel aero curtain? It is the process by which air flow is captured and then redirected by vertical slots in the front corners of the car to vents in the Mustang’s wheel wells. This process produces the wheel aero curtain effect that drastically reduces turbulence and drag by redirecting the captured air along the lower belt line of the Mustang’s body panels.

Another really innovative and cool feature of the 2015 Mustang is the active grill shutter that not only cuts drag, but also helps to cool the engine when needed. Unlike previous models where the grill is always open to air flow, the new active grill shutters remain closed until the sensors inside the engine compartment determine that more air is needed to cool the engine where by the system opens the shutters. When not needed or when the vehicle is at high speed the shutters remain closed which forces airflow around and over the car to significantly reduce drag.

If you need more proof that this version of the Mustang is the most aero dynamic ever, I give you the side view mirrors. That’s right both of the Mustang’s side view mirrors are aero dynamic and offer little to no drag! Pretty impressive stuff, but that’s not the end of the story because the 2015 Mustang promises to be the most technically advanced ever.

Watch the reveal of the new 2015 Mustang

For the first time in this iconic brand’s history technical innovations and safety features will be included. For starters, the 2015 Mustang will come with a push button start and Ford’s MyKey. Both features will be standard on every model. In addition to convenience there are several safety features that will be making their debut on the Mustang and include adaptive cruise control, forward collision warning, BLIS®, Ford’s blind spot info system, a rear view cam and cross traffic alert.

In addition to these safety features, Ford has also addressed performance and personalization by offering features to enhance the driving experience. The 2015 Mustang will be the first vehicle equipped with Ford’s new stability control system and curve control which automatically reduces the vehicle’s speed when entering as corner with too much speed. Also making its debut in the 2015 Mustang is the driver option of selecting from one of four pre set driving modes-normal, sport+, track and snow/wet-that automatically set the car up to perform under those conditions. Want more personalization? Each of these set ups can be further refined by changing the steering effort or the suspension by disabling the traction or stability controls.

Last but not least the 2015 Mustang will also debut the next generation of Sync’s AppLink™, which allows apps from your smart phone to be accessed thru the vehicle hands free features. In fact Ford has partnered with Dominos to create an app that allows you to order a pizza from your car and have it delivered to your house. There are currently 60 apps that are accessible with this system.