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SERP DIRECT MEDIA and DealerDirectiQ Guarantee Relevant Viewability and Advertiser Opportunity

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By Bob Gordon
President and Co-publisher
The Auto Channel

Although The Auto Channel has been on line for 19 of the commercial web’s 20 years and has grown to contain millions of pages of automotive content as text, video and audio, things are not advancing as fast or as far as our great content should take us.

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Google algorithm "improvements" have caused historically highly ranked editorial web sites to lose lots of their audience; while billions of worthless viewer impressions a day are created by search engines sending viewers to plagiarizing content sites, indexing scraper sites, and on-line sites that spend big bucks on the very same search sites. This misdirection of viewers has caused diminished “advertising results” and eCPMs that are so unreasonably low that editorial publishers cannot afford to continue to invest-in the type of content that has historically been sought out, found and read, taking many old-line industry leading publications into a death spiral.

Today's unfortunate realities have spurred editorial publisher’s like The Auto Channel to begin a quest to find a “holy grail” a solution that can maximize publisher revenue from their present audience level and simultaneously provide brand marketers with an affordable advertising option that can send a scalable number of qualified viewers to a screen where they are guaranteed to view and interact with a brand’s marketing message; which will increase their brands impact and positively stimulate consumer engagement.

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The result of today’s under-performing banner ads, pre-roll video ads, and text link ads have empowered hucksters and digital advertising "experts" to resurrect "advertorials", rename them “Native Advertising” and create a new product that they can sell and promote to desperate marketing managers and their minions, the latest “Emperor’s New Clothes” solution, a "newest, bestest" way to generate a meaningful audience for their brand's message, despite the historic reality of just how almost impossible it is to produce legitimate editorial content that consumers will seek and believe, let alone quasi-editorial vanity content that no one gives a crap about except native advertisers families and employees...remember what your Mom taught you; "no one likes a braggart"

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It seems goofy to us that brand managers or their agencies would believe-in and wholeheartedly support Vanity Content, even when they intuitively know that it can’t possibly fulfill their brand’s online advertising and promotion needs. And on-line viewers innately know that Vanity Content masquerading as “real” content lacks the importance of the trustworthy unbiased editorial content that consumers have and will continue to actively seek out.

The truth is, no matter what you call it, Vanity Content can never deliver the one thing every brand advertiser needs and wants and the one thing the digital channels have been unable to deliver thus far, namely a truly scalable and affordable way to engage with self-qualified on-line prospects one-on-one.

The “Holy Grail” - SERP DIRECT MEDIA.

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SERP DIRECT MEDIA will change the “traditional” web advertising game forever. It makes editorial content truly “King for All”, with a content presentation that is welcomed by consumers; a content presentation that enhances a brand’s image and explodes viewer interaction and content delivery that generates profit for its publisher.

By simply shifting the perception and positioning of content instead of ad space as the media currency of true value, SERP DIRECT MEDIA cracks the digital code wide open and enables brands to tap the audience behavior that we know for certain already exists and get meaningful results from just a tiny percentage of the billions of content clickthroughs generated online each and every day.

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SERP DIRECT MEDIA is the first media model ever devised that directly converts consumer demand and intent into affordable, scalable viewer reach…yet it is so simple to actualize.

• The process begins when a consumer searching for specific information clicks on a SERP enabled annotation on a search engine result page or content link within a site.

• Instead of that click terminating on the content on the publishers site as per usual, SERP DIRECT delivers both the selected content – text or video – and the consumer who selected it directly to an auto dealer's customized message or an auto brand's interactive landing page, where the chosen content is presented clutter-free and without interruption.

The Auto Channel as the initial SERP DIRECT MEDIA publisher will absolutely guarantee that a contracted-for number of "in-the-funnel" auto researchers will view the participating dealer or brand's chosen landing page, in scale, and at a “Cost per Visitor” that is just a fraction of what manufactures are paying for clicks and auto dealers are paying for third-party leads.

For more information and how your brand can benefit from engaging with our provisionally patented SERP DIRECT MEDIA researcher communication or brand advertising solution, just call me at 502-992-0200 or e me at

SERP DIRECT MEDIA is under registration and has a provisional patent assigned to it.
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