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Elektrobit's EB Assist Car Data Recorder helps test engineers reduce costs and speed development of complex new-model driver assistance systems


ERLANGEN, Germany--Feb. 24, 2014: EB (Elektrobit) has developed new technology to help car makers test complex driver assistance systems.

The company's EB Assist Car Data Recorder is a measurement tool that allows product development engineers to record and visualize data during test drives using a common tablet computer without complicated cable installations, monitors or keyboards. Easy-to-read graphics and tablet displays help engineers focus on test-drive essentials, minimizing evaluation and data-acquisition errors and increasing overall test efficiency.

"The market for driver assistance systems is growing rapidly," says Martin Schleicher, vice president of Strategy for EB's Automotive Business Segment. "Driver assistance systems and the tests required to develop them are becoming more and more complex in today's connected world.

"As a result, an ever-increasing number of tests and product-development test drives are needed. Today's market is urgently in need of intuitive, flexible and cost-effective road-test solutions such as EB Assist Car Data Recorder. The EB Assist Car Data Recorder allows product development engineers to record and visualize data during test drives using a common tablet computer."

"Development work on EB's Car Data Recorder began more than a year ago in cooperation with a number of leading car makers and automotive suppliers," Schleicher adds. "EB Assist Car Data Recorder is designed to replace costly OEM systems that are difficult to install and maintain."

EB Assist Car Data Recorder technology is based on EB's widely adopted platform for developing and testing advanced driver assistance systems – EB Assist ADTF (Automotive Data and Time-Triggered Framework). In its standard version, EB Assist ADTF is optimized for desktop use with rich and configurable user interfaces under Windows and Linux operating systems.

EB's new Car Data Recorder extends the use of EB Assist ADTF to a modern touch tablet. It allows for easy data exchanges between ADTF-based test cars and development systems and also offers a wide variety of out-of-the-box tools and components, including support for various vehicle busses such as CAN, FlexRay and Ethernet, as well as other hardware devices.

"The requirements for testing are growing continuously and there is an increasing demand for standardized, more user-friendly test and measurement equipment applications," says Dr. Matthias Gebhard, head of Metrology for Driver Assistance and Optical Metrology Systems at Porsche AG. "We have had an opportunity to have a first glance at EB's Car Data Recorder. It is a clever product that offers exactly the features our test engineers have been asking for."

Jurgen Ludwig with Driver Assistance Business Development at EB notes that "besides its cost-effectiveness, reliability and scalability based on standardized platforms and systems like ADTF and iOS, the EB Assist Car Data Recorder also provides unrivalled usability. The user interface offers a wide range of highly customizable visualization options for a clear and intuitive illustration of highly complex features. The EB Assist Car Data Recorder can be used for almost every target group and test scenario from highly specialized developer applications to live test-result presentations for senior management."

Test engineers also will benefit from the instant feedback provided by the Car Data Recorder, which in turn saves time otherwise spent on working through erroneous or incomplete test cycles.

In addition, EB Assist Car Data Recorder comes with "plug & play" functionality and its wireless connection reduces driver distraction and the amount of time required for mounting and dismounting laptops and displays. Test-drive scenarios can be changed easily during testing and engineers are able to move more freely in and around the car.

Ludwig predicts that multiple tests with several tablet PCs may be possible during a single test drive in the future.

EB currently is taking orders for immediate delivery of its EB Assist Car Data Recorder from major car makers around the world.