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HYUNDAI MNSOFT Develops New Incremental Update Technology for Navigation System While Driving


SEOUL, South Korea--Feb. 19, 2014: HYUNDAI MNSOFT, a vehicle infotainment company under Hyundai Motor Group specializing in navigation, black boxes, location-based service (LBS) and Telematics, has successfully developed a new technology that delivers incremental updates of the latest maps to automotive navigation systems, while in a moving car via the widely available wireless network.

The development of technology that allows incremental updates of only the latest map data while in a moving car, anytime and anywhere, is a major breakthrough in this fast-advancing industry. The new technology, which has strong commercial potential in the mass market, is closer to a full-fledged commercial launch.

A host of companies in Japan and Europe have attempted to develop such innovative solutions, only to fail in achieving the technological prowess that allows for incremental updates of only the latest maps for navigation systems in a moving vehicle.

HYUNDAI MNSOFT's breakthrough technology is built on mobile phone tethering (using a mobile phone as a Wi-Fi network host). Users can hook up their automotive navigation systems to the wireless network, while on the go, which in turn allows for incremental updates of map data to the navigation systems.

In particular, HYUNDAI MNSOFT developed and applied a mobile DBMS (Database Management System) to set up incremental updates of only the latest changes to map data. The mobile DBMS significantly reduces the download file size to 10-30 megabytes (MB), which is less than 1/1000 the size of the previous models, which would have to download the entire map database of 4-8 gigabytes (GB).

It takes less than a minute to download the map data updates via the LTE (4G) mobile network, and the time it takes for the downloaded file to update on the navigation system has been significantly reduced to 15-20 minutes. In addition, users can access the navigation system even while it is updating, and once the update is complete, they can use the updated database immediately upon rebooting the system. The period between updates has been shortened to once a week -- the optimal cycle for providing users with the latest map data.

Since early 2011, HYUNDAI MNSOFT has invested R&D resources to this top-notch technology for incremental map data updates. As a result of these efforts, HYUNDAI MNSOFT

developed a DBMS-based conversion platform that can run a weekly update built a separate DB structure that allows for object-based updates, thereby reducing the transmission data volume developed a new navigation engine and built a distribution system that allows users to get the latest map data regardless of time and place.

All in all, HYUNDAI MNSOFT's endeavors have led to a new, cutting-edge navigation technology.

The incremental update technology will be embedded in the new 'softman' navigation models within the third quarter of 2014. The company will gradually expand the adoption of the new technology in the After Market and OEM market, as well as overseas markets.

HYUNDAI MNSOFT has finished registering 20 patent applications so far, including six applications in overseas markets.