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Pagani of Dallas to Debut New Huayra Italian Supercar in Texas at the Dallas Auto Show


DALLAS--Feb. 19, 2014: Pagani of Dallas, the newest dealership for Pagani Italian supercars in North America, will introduce the U.S. spec Huayra to Texas at the Dallas Auto Show on Feb. 19, 2014. Built by Pagani Automibili, S.p.A, the Huayra recently received approval for distribution in the United States; Dallas is the first city in Texas to have a factory dealership.

“We integrated active aerodynamics from the initial design stages because the entire car is really a sophisticated wing”

“Pagani’s Huayra is considered one of the most desirable cars in the world,” said Kurt Fegraeus Managing Partner at Pagani of Dallas. “It’s a piece of art, the highest expression of the Modenese company’s desire to create a harmonious combination of ‘art and science,’ design and performance. Finished in an astonishing carbon fiber exposed body with a ‘Signature Rojo’ red leather interior, the Pagani we plan to display at the Dallas Auto Show will certainly steal hearts and stir imaginations.”

A privately owned Italian company, Pagani is one of the most exclusive auto manufacturers in the world. Founded by Horacio Pagani in 1991, the company is based near Modena, Italy. Pagani is known for its extensive experience in advanced composite materials and crafting. Art and science are combined to create the most beautiful and capable supercar.

“Texans are legendary for accepting only the best art, architecture and automobiles,” said Horacio Pagani. “Their admiration for cutting edge technology and elegant design makes Texas a perfect match for the Huayra. We’re pleased that Texans appreciate our efforts to build a supercar that offers both state-of-the art technology, as well as refined design. This is a wonderful opportunity for them to own a car that truly fits their style.”

During the Dallas Auto Show, the public can see the impressive supercar in person. The Huayra (pronounced: wai-rah) is an engineering “tour de force” made of more than 4,000 components, not including the engine and gearbox. All are blended into a car with amazing capabilities. The car has a 230 MPH top speed and can go from 0-60 MPH in only 3.2 seconds, as well as run the quarter mile in only 10.26 seconds. At cruising speeds, Pagani claims it achieved 21 MPG (U.S.) on the Euro highway cycle.

The cutting edge design is dazzling from every angle. Pagani used elliptical shapes in the front and back that reflect the company’s brand. Beginning with the headlights, a visual “line” connects it to the canopy, trailing into the air intake and ending with the central exhaust.

“We integrated active aerodynamics from the initial design stages because the entire car is really a sophisticated wing,” said Pagani. “Activation, timing and angle of the flaps are based on extensive calculations, studies and aerodynamic testing. The front active suspension and four rear flaps allow the car to optimally balance the drag coefficient and down force.”

The Huayra is powered by a unique and lightweight Mercedes-AMG twin turbo 6L V12 engine churning out 730 horsepower. Mercedes-AMG anticipated new environmental restrictions by creating a 12-cylinder engine that offers peak efficiency in terms of CO2 and consumption. The marvelous engine is connected to a transverse sequential seven speed gearbox. Incredibly, all that power must only propel about 3,000 pounds of car.

“Pagani prioritized creating linear power delivery because any lag could create safety problems,” said Fegraeus. “And this philosophy minimizes the continuous operation of electronic driving aids, so a driver is never deprived of all the marvelous inputs when behind the wheel. It’s an absolute joy to drive.”

Inside, the Huayra is a piece of art. From hand formed aluminium bits to the hand trimmed leather sports seats, the interior is as stunning as the exterior.

The Pagani Huayra captured the most important European automotive award, the 2013 “Car of the Year” from British performance car magazine Evo. It also earned the 2013 “Performance Car of the Year” award from Car magazine and 2013 "HyperCar of the Year" from Top Gear magazine. In 2013, the Pagani Huayra reaffirmed its reputation as one of the world’s premier high-performance cars by beating the Top Gear circuit record for road homologated cars.

Pagani of Dallas was founded in 2014 and is the newest dealership for the company in the United States. The dealership works with each client to tailor a Pagani to their tastes. A Pagani of Dallas consultant helps each customer select from a menu of interior choices, paint hues and performance options. The result is a car that truly expresses the new owner’s style.