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Narva L.E.D Driving Lamp Bars Help Outback News Breaker

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MELBOURNE – Feb 3, 2014: Narva’s range of L.E.D driving lamp bars are built to deliver superior performance and reliability, two qualities that are essential when driving in the Australian outback.

Engineered and developed to meet the stringent requirements of the mining industry, Narva’s L.E.D driving lamp bars are therefore well-credentialed to withstand the harshest conditions experienced by outback tourers.

As a freelance news and television cameraman based in Ocean Shores, New South Wales, Pete Murray travels up to 80,000 kilometres each year all over Australia, in his Toyota Prado. He often encounters harsh driving conditions, including outback and corrugated roads, and is required to drive into floods, cyclones and other arduous conditions.

To make his trips safer and more comfortable, Pete has installed a Narva 20 x five watt L.E.D driving lamp bar onto his Prado’s bull bar, offering 9,800 lumens. Additionally, he operates Narva H.I.D driving lights above the L.E.D driving lamp bar.

“It’s a great configuration. The H.I.D lights give me distance and allow me to see kilometres down the road, while the low-mounted L.E.D bar provides a fantastic spread closer to the vehicle. I can see right off to the side of the road for about 50 metres each way. This is great for driving at night surrounded by kangaroos,” Pete said. “I run the L.E.D driving lamp bar with no other lights and it puts out an awesome amount of light.

“I have had to drive on horrendous roads in outback Queensland and the lights didn’t move with the vibration. They are as solid as a rock and with polycarbonate lenses they have escaped unscathed from being hit by stones and everything that has been thrown at them.”

Thankfully the lights are fully submersible (IP68-rated), so regularly driving through river crossings is no problem.

According to Pete, the L.E.D driving lamp bar offers a large amount of light, which is essential when driving for long periods of time in outback conditions.

“When you switch off the L.E.Ds, you really notice the difference when compared to factory high beam headlights. The L.E.Ds are like daylight. They really reduce eye fatigue,” he said.

The bars are fitted with high quality five watt ‘Cree’ XPG L.E.Ds and generate a clean bright light while maintaining a low current draw.

“L.E.Ds don’t drain batteries. They have such little draw when compared to other regular lights so you can keep them running for a long period of time without any issues,” Pete said.

This is extremely important for Pete as a cameraman, as he is required to frequently get in and out of his car to shoot footage.

“The L.E.D driving lamp bar is very easy to fit. Because it is compact, it can be fitted pretty much anywhere even if space is limited,” he said.

According to Pete, the pre-wired Deutsch connector is an excellent feature that proves the quality of the lamp, and because a matching connector was supplied, no extra parts were required.

“I had an auto electrician install the wiring harness, to which I was able to connect and mount the bar myself. I only needed three holes and the bar fitted straight in with a basic spanner set,” he said. “It’s a great mounting system. It’s industrial strength but the cross slider bracket makes it easy to slide the brackets to suit the mounting holes.”

Narva’s L.E.D driving lamp bars are available in a range of sizes and outputs from leading automotive, four wheel drive and transport outlets throughout Australia.