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don't drink and drive

LOS ANGELES, CA--Jan. 21, 2014: With the Christmas and New Year holiday season past, it is easy for states to let their priorities for law enforcement go back to their default settings. This is not acceptable.

2013 saw the number of deaths due to drunk driving rise for the first time in six years. Default no longer cuts it! Now is the time to ramp up enforcement action. Why? It is not acceptable that more than 10,000 people are killed every year in alcohol-related crashes. Tens of thousands are injured. So much pain and suffering!

And almost all these deaths are avoidable!

People drink knowing it will affect their physical and mental abilities and then they choose to drive. They know there's a greater risk of being involved in an accident, but they do not care.

Here is the truth about the risks on public roads on ordinary days of the year:

four times as many people are killed by drunk drivers at night; about one-third of all drivers killed on weekdays have been drinking; in 2009 more than 40% of motorcycle riders killed on the roads were breaking the BAC limit of 0.08.

So wants everyone to get behind a national campaign to pressure states to enforce their laws. If these laws are not deterring drivers, the penalties for drunk driving should be increased. has created an animated banner for all site owners and bloggers to show their support. The more people who make their opinions known, the more likely it is that states will take effective action.

Drunk driving should be stopped!