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Nutson In NY Reports On 2015 Ford Mustang Press Unveiling +VIDEO

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2015 Ford Mustang unveiled in 5 cities around the world

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By Larry Nutson
Senior Editor, New York Bureau
The Auto Channel

2015 Ford Mustang (select to view enlarged photo)

The hype to see the all-new (or would it really be all-new) 2015 Mustang was wild. Ford announced that the Mustang would make its debut today, December 5th, in six cities on four continents: Its hometown, Dearborn, Michigan; as well as New York; Los Angeles; Barcelona; Shanghai and Sydney. But, photos were leaked in advance and posted on various websites and social media sites by some media in spite of an embargo. Then it was said by Ford that the Mustang would appear on Good Morning America. Various auto journalists argued over the validity of an embargo and in honoring it in today's world of instant gratification. Issues of the print AutoWeek arrived ahead of the embargo date. Jalopnik said outright that they never will agree to an embargo.

Fifty years ago Ford revolutionized the auto industry with the introduction of the first Mustang in New York City. That was in my university days. Now I was going to be there in person. I was invited to the New York City debut‚€¶ which would have two showings, one in the morning and then one right after mid-day. I would be there first thing to see the Mustang in person. Seeing a car in person really gives you a sense for how the entire package comes together.

I awoke to three e-mails from Ford with lots of new Mustang press releases and photos. Ford had blasted out internet coverage at midnight. Our team at The Auto Channel already had the Mustang press release from Sydney, Australia posted on our website. The Mustang is on virtually every news media website. The reveal at Ford Headquarters in Dearborn was at 7:30AM. Coffee please!

So, why go to the reveal? Well, just because I can, I guess. And, it's in the Big Apple...that I take the train to get to. Ha!

Watch the reveal of the new 2015 Mustang

Fifty is the new thirty, and the new Mustang looks as spritely as ever. On the outside it's a bit rounder and a bit wider (but that's what happens as time goes by) and the fastback roofline is faster. Underneath it has an all-new independent rear suspension, and for the first time ever a turbocharged four-cylinder EcoBoost engine, along with a V6 and a V8. There's still a convertible, though I never doubted their wouldn't be, for vacationers to rent from Hertz.

Fifty years ago Ford brought everyone a sports car in the Mustang. Now, Ford says here we come world.

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2015 Ford Mustang

In today's pony car world of Mustang, Camaro and Challenger, the Mustang, having invented the segment, is still the "more-pony" of the three, at least in my opinion. The two competitors are built on rear-drive platforms of larger cars. The new Mustang is on its own, unique platform with no compromises. Holistically speaking it's a bit more refined and smaller.

The question always comes up when an icon such as the Mustang is being redone: Will it be evolutionary or revolutionary? Well the new 2015 Mustang is an evolution of the 50 years of history this car has. It has a nice aggressive stance. The wider hips give it a more muscular look. The droop in the hood helps disguise the design elements required for pedestrian impact protection that Europe demands. It's a touch shorter and lower by an inch and a half.

Ford Execs Discuss 2015 Mustang

Dimensionally, the 2015 Mustang, in comparison to the outgoing edition, is 32mm lower at the hood, 38mm lower roof, the A-pillar is moved 32 mm rearward, the rear deck is an amazing 70 mm lower, the rear sheet metal is 40mmm wider and the rear track has been increased by 70mm.

To compliment the new independent rear suspension the front suspension is now double ball joint. Brakes are larger and vary in size depending on the engine. Suspension components are aluminum as is the hood and front fenders.

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Ford CEO Alan Mulally introduces the new Mustang in New York

The wide variety of power train choices provides something for everyone. From the standard 300HP V6, to the optional 4-cylinder EcoBoost offering both performance and low fuel consumption, or a 420HP V8. Horsepower on the EcoBoost is not yet released but should be around that of the V6. Engines will be mated to six-speed manuals or automatics. The new 2015 Mustang will be offered in both left-hand and right-hand drive and sold in Europe and Asia.

In the end, it turned our that the NYC reveal of this American icon was led by the Ford Chairman and CEO Alan Mulally. And, a design walk-around by the new VP of design, Moray Callum. Thus, it was worth it to be there and also to pick up some details on the overall design and engineering.

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2015 Ford Mustang

In the static display the new Mustang suites my taste. The money shot is from the rear with its new widened hips. From the front it's a contemporary execution of a classic design with its blunt but slightly leaning forward front end. The DLO is unified with its black B-pillar and the fastback now is a true fastback. On the inside, the IP is reminiscent of an airplane with two clearly visible large gauges and nicely placed toggle switches. The badging evokes a military style, that is, honest, straightforward and authentic.

All-in-all the reveal of the new 2015 Mustang away from any auto show forum allowed Ford to own the day. Ford says we'll see the Mustang next at the Consumer Electronics Show, with some more announcements, and then at the NAIAS in Detroit in January.

2015 Mustangs are due in showrooms next fall with a base price somewhere around $25,000. April 17, 2014, marks the 50th anniversary of the introduction of the original Ford Mustang and each 2015 model celebrates the milestone with a badge on the instrument panel that includes the galloping pony logo and the words ‚€œMustang ‚€“ Since 1964.‚€???

After fifty years the Mustang is still an important car for Ford. And by the way, at each of the global reveals the Mustang was supposed to be covered and truly revealed. In NYC the cover was off when we arrived. So it goes in today's internet world.