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World's First Rear Vision "in" a Helmet Taking Off in 2014

reevu helmut (select to view enlarged photo)

LONDON--November 19, 2013: The 2013 EICMA show in Milan allowed REEVU's Rear Vision in a helmet too attract a number of Europe's larger distribution groups. With increased sales of 40% over the last financial year and a back drop of falling sales of ordinary helmets the larger distribution groups are starting to see what it is that they and their customers are missing.

As the bike manufacturers add more and more information to their new bike models making the rider more inclined to refocus on the cluster pack which potentially takes the riders attention off the road, the option of delivering that information into the peripheral vision of the rider using Reevu's patented invention can be a safer way of getting that all too important data from the motorcycle engine management system into Reevu's Heads up Display. Reevu have been delivering information into Reevu's Rear Vision Heads up display on the new RV MSX1 since 2010 with many growing accounts from users about its unique lifesaving abilities by being able to see behind using their peripheral vision due to the unique positioning of the Reevu optical device.

"Ordinary helmets have been too ordinary for too long, it's now time for a 21st Century helmet for the 21st Century so that we can make helmet wearing and riding safer, Reevu's unique capability of delivering information to the rider in their peripheral vision only without the necessity to refocus looks like the future" Billy Morgan President. REEVU.

Reevu Intelligent helmet is all about delivering pieces ofinformation to therider from the EMS. "We are currently in talks with two of the World's leaders in this field and their engineers have been astounded as to what can be achieved with the Reevu helmet design. The trick is to deliver the information only in the peripheral vision of the rider so that there is no distraction from the track or road. It's the same as the Gear shift LED array positioned on the Formula one car model's so that the driver can see the image without refocusing or looking directly at it" Markus S. Engineering team leader.

"Our invention operates in the real world and has allowed us to gather a lot of information in relation to what can be achieved but more importantly what is safe. We are also starting to see a growing number of virtual reality designs populating the internet for helmets and as articles of eye wear etc., while its flattering to see these designs following in our footsteps we believe that is exactly where they will stay, as virtual reality has a very uneasy relationship with the Cornea Eye Brain Synapse systems that operate in the real world. Graham Steele marketing sales Director Reevu.