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Safe Driving Is Not A Laughing Matter

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Quick Tips to Traffic Safety: Simple Things that can make you Safer

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Encino, CA November 5, 2013; Running some errands after work with the kids? There are times when you may feel like you have to roll them in bubble wrap, put helmets on their heads, and get their knee pads on before securing them tightly into their car seats.

It really isn’t that complicated.

Here are some quick tips that can really pay dividends in making sure your family is safer on the road.

Kids: Forget the bubble-wrap. Just make sure child safety seats are installed properly and securely. Then of course, you’ll want to check that your child is belted in snugly as well. If you get tired of changing car seats from car to car, invest in another seat and have one for each vehicle. In the long run it will save you stress and time, and may make your children safer. An extra set of car seats for multiple car families are a real plus. Consider it.

Walking and Talking At The Same Time: Create a simple rule. The driver does not use electronic, hand-held devices while driving. That is all…plain and simple. There are studies that indicate that even hands-free devices aren’t much more helpful, but at least take that first step. Repeat this mantra when you get into your vehicle: “My family and I are much more important than any text, phone call, message or social media post that can come my way.” If you are compelled to respond, pull off into a parking lot or side street.

De-Fence: Drive defensively. This means driving while anticipating the moves of other drivers and pedestrians. Defensive driving courses can help teach you about these defensive driving techniques. The bonus is that completing such a course could save you money on your auto insurance premiums. That will quickly more than pay for the course if your insurance company participates. Beyond that though, it will equip you to be a better, safer driver for those you transport.

Recognize that driving isn’t just something you are doing to get somewhere. It is the most important thing you are doing to get somewhere. Driving isn’t something that inconveniences your make-up, lunch, texting or smoking and drinking. Driving is the main purpose you are in your vehicle. We know that is not how we’ve come accustomed to view driving but it is a simple step you can take to keep you and your family safer.

Remember, your driving habits will set the standards for your children. If you wouldn’t want your children to speed, don’t speed. If you wouldn’t want them to eat and drink while they drive, be a good example. Children are soaking it in.

Enjoy popping the bubble wrap with them as opposed to wrapping them in it. Make sure what they are soaking in is the best you can offer!