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We Save Lives Responsible Driving Initiative--Teens and Moms Partner Together

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LA GRANGE, IL--Sept. 18, 2013: Candace Lightner discovered an article in a Florida periodical in July 2013, covering Teens Against Drunk Driving's Victim Impact Fund, and decided to call Mr. Piecuch, the Founder and President of T.A.D.D., for more information on T.A.D.D.'S program. Saying "what a wonderful program" during her discussion with Mr. Piecuch, Ms. Lightner was so impressed with T.A.D.D.'S victim program that she suggested an alliance. Ms. Lightner has founded a new organization entitled We Save Lives We Save Lives to combat drunk, drugged and distracted driving. Teens Against Drunk Driving (T.A.D.D.) TADD and the We Save Lives organization have partnered in the ongoing fight for safe roads.

"We could not be more delighted with our partnership with Ms. Candace Lightner and her new organization, We Save Lives. As the Founder of MADD, she will bring a level of experience that is unmatched in the nonprofit industry. Together, our organizations will increase the energy, experience, advocacy, educational and victim programs that will continue to educate the public and increase the number of people we are reaching, as well as the lives we are saving," stated William M. Piecuch, Jr., Founder and President of T.A.D.D.

About Teens Against Drunk Driving (T.A.D.D.):

Teens Against Drunk Driving (T.A.D.D.) is a 501c3 charitable organization. The organization has two primary programs it uses to educate teens against the dangers of unsafe driving, Safe Driving Planner and to help victims of the crimes of drunk and distracted driving, TADD T.A.D.D.'S Founder and President does not allow the term "accident" to be used at T.A.D.D., as he believes the decision to get behind the wheel while drunk or distracted is no accident.

T.A.D.D.'S educational program, entitled "turn to safe driving", is in the form of a daily planner and study guide. T.A.D.D. will offer it to 8th grade level teens beginning this year. In the past, the highly endorsed program was used successfully at the high school level. Mr. Piecuch believes that teens today at the 8th grade level can be reached at an earlier age, an age that will allow the free educational program to be better absorbed. It is a widely accepted belief that 8th graders have typically less distractions than high school-aged teens.

T.A.D.D.'S Victim Impact Fund was designed to give relief to victims of drunk driving crimes. Its goal is to help with securing replacement vehicles that were damaged beyond repair, as well as help victims bridge the gap financially as they recover from these crimes. Victims of traffic crimes lose their vehicles, incur medical bills, loss of income, and worst of all, funeral expenses. T.A.D.D.'S continued efforts of helping in these areas, especially vehicle replacement, have eased the impact of losses, as it allows victims to return to a semblance of normality.

About Candace Lightner, and We Save Lives:

Led by MADD founder Candace Lightner, We Save Lives campaigns with other organizations, business entities and individuals who are concerned with THE 3 D's: DRUNK, DRUGGED AND DISTRACTED driving. While drunk driving is still a very serious problem, DRUGGED AND DISTRACTED driving are emerging as critical traffic safety threats.

As a representative voice on highway safety issues, We Save Lives works at the national, state and local levels utilizing policy development, targeted advocacy, outreach and educational efforts to change driving behavior.