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Advance Diesel Adds SCT Programmer to Programmers for Sale

ANGLETON, TX--Sept. 5, 2013: Advance Diesel is passionate about helping people improve the performance of their vehicles, and they now offer SCT programmers to help drivers get the most out of their rides. There are some excellent advantages to SCT programmers, and their ease of use makes them popular with people who are looking to improve fuel mileage and make other adjustments to their cars.

While people might want to make a few changes to their car to improve gas mileage, they also need to ensure that their cars will still pass emissions testing in their state of residence. SCT programmers are emission legal in all 50 states. The changes made to vehicles will not increase the emissions in any way, so customers can be confident that they are doing their part to help the environment and protect the planet.

SCT programmers are modeled specifically for domestic cars and trucks, so owners of Ford, Dodge and GM cars vehicles benefit from these systems. They help fine-tune the domestic models to ensure that the car is still reliable while providing a smoother ride, better gas mileage, and other improvements.

The manufacturers send their cars out with basic settings that are designed to appeal to the masses and please the most customers. With SCT programmers, those settings can be altered to personalize the car to the owner's specific taste. Every driver can enjoy programming that is unique to them and provides them with the perfect ride for their needs.

Advance Diesel understands that customers want to work with a system that is easy to use and won't take a great deal of time. The computerized programmers merge seamlessly with vehicles through the ODB-II port. There are no permanent changes made to the vehicle, and the system is very easy to use. It has an intuitive design that most users are comfortable with, and the adjustments typically take fewer than 15 minutes.

The price for SCT programmers is also very attractive through Advance Diesel. They are available for less than $400, so car owners can make the changes they are dreaming of without taking out another loan on their car.

Making the right changes allows drivers to improve fuel economy while enjoying more power. The factory settings are retained, however, so people can also restore their vehicle settings to the original levels at any time. This allows customers to change the settings on their car based on their changing needs, and the settings can be restored when it's time to sell or trade-in the car.

Advance Diesel offers attractive prices on popular SCT programmers. With these systems, owners of domestic cars can improve their ride, save money on gas, and have more power behind the wheel. They can change the settings at any time, and restore them to factory settings when necessary.