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Tenneco Showcasing Key Clean Air, Ride Performance Technologies at Frankfurt IAA 2013

tenneco (select to view enlarged photo)

LAKE FOREST, IL--September 1, 2013: Tenneco Inc. will highlight its suite of innovative clean air emissions solutions and advanced ride performance technologies that help global vehicle manufacturers improve emissions, fuel economy and vehicle performance at the IAA Motorshow in Frankfurt, Germany, September 10-13, 2013.

“At this year's IAA, we're pleased to showcase our latest clean air and ride performance solutions that meet these requirements, with advanced engineering expertise and global manufacturing to support the needs of customers anywhere in the world.”

"As vehicles become increasingly sophisticated, the need for technology solutions that reduce vehicle mass, improve fuel economy and meet emissions targets without compromising vehicle performance become critical for vehicle manufacturers," said Tim Jackson, executive vice president, technology, strategy and business development for Tenneco. "At this year's IAA, we're pleased to showcase our latest clean air and ride performance solutions that meet these requirements, with advanced engineering expertise and global manufacturing to support the needs of customers anywhere in the world."

Tenneco will exhibit these and other advanced technologies at the show:

Tenneco Software-Based Signature Sound System (TS4)
Tenneco's ability to deliver signature vehicle sound has taken on a new dimension. With its innovative TS4 system, the company can provide custom designed exhaust tones -- ranging from comfort to sporty -- by enhancing the sound generated by the engine to better support the vehicle's brand image. The sounds are generated by an audio controller/amplifier module inside the vehicle and emitted through a loudspeaker near the tailpipe. TS4 is applicable for diesel, gasoline, electric and hybrid vehicles

Thermoelectric Generator (TEG) for Waste Heat Recovery
Tenneco is developing several technologies to improve overall vehicle efficiency by recycling wasted energy. The company's TEG solution enables the conversion of wasted exhaust heat to electrical energy, which could be used for powering electrical accessories. TEG also enables electrical generator downsizing, which reduces overall vehicle weight.

Electrical Valves for Low Pressure EGR. These fully variable backpressure control valves are designed specifically for low-pressure exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) systems for diesel engines. Controlled by an electric actuator, Tenneco's Electrical Valve expertly and continuously fine- tunes the position of the exhaust flap to achieve optimal backpressure. When combined with the OEM's low pressure EGR system, the electrical valve can help the EGR system achieve NOx emissions reductions of up to 50 percent, with little impact on exhaust system weight or performance.

Electrical Valves for Cylinder Deactivation and Acoustic Tuning. Electric valves provide a compact, lightweight and cost-effective solution for precise sound design and noise control in tailpipe applications, as well as adaptive exhaust control in vehicles featuring cylinder deactivation. Most recently, Tenneco's electrical valve was launched in an acoustic tuning application on the all-new 2014 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray.

Fabricated manifolds, Tenneco's family of fabricated manifold systems include shell, tubular and double-wall air gap insulated manifolds, all of which provide significant weight, durability and packaging advantages when compared to cast manifolds.

XNOx Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR), XNOx combines Tenneco's expertise in calibrating urea dosing systems with top-performing components such as the company's patented XNOx injector to deliver an optimized solution with more than 95 percent NOx conversion efficiency. The process uses a chemical reaction to convert toxic NOx from engine emissions into harmless nitrogen and H2O, helping Tenneco's global customers meet the world's increasingly stringent NOx emission standards while delivering the engine performance that consumers expect.

RC1 Frequency Dependent Damping is Tenneco's solution for achieving optimal comfort in passenger cars, and enhancing ride handling in sportier vehicle applications. It allows for dedicated tuning for sprung and unsprung mass. The design is suitable for monotube and double tube dampers and provides enhanced comfort, improved tire grip and improved vehicle body control.

Continuously Controlled Electronic Suspension System (CES) 1
CES is a semi-active suspension system that provides optimum driving safety and improves ride smoothness and NVH (noise, vibration and harshness), achieving the optimal balance between ride comfort and handling. The system changes the feel of a vehicle's ride by continuously adjusting the shock absorber damping levels to road conditions and vehicle dynamics like speed, turning, cornering and driver inputs. The system was developed by Tenneco in conjunction with Öhlins Racing.

Tenneco's DRiV technology is an extension of the company's electronic suspension portfolio, providing affordable, adjustable technology for the small and medium vehicle segments. It features four small valves in the rod guide with the electronics integrated in the damper, providing a compact, lightweight solution.

Building on the success of CES technology, Kinetic H2/CES integrates the Kinetic H2 system with CES technology. This system combines advanced mechanical and hydraulic systems with intelligent electronics, leading to a suspension concept that improves vehicle handling, stability and driver comfort.

Active Suspension Car (ACOCAR) The ACOCAR fully-active suspension system includes actuators with two continuous variable CES valves each and features the addition of hydraulic pumps to bring energy to the suspension. The system controls roll, pitch and heave, resulting in superior handling, safety and comfort. ACOCAR targets the next generation of conventional, hybrid or electric luxury vehicles with availability for series production from 2015 on.