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Information about Common Traffic Tickets and their Penalties in California

traffic ticket

LOS ANGELES--Aug. 16, 2013: is the premier source for California vehicle codes and ticket information. Whether the driver has been cited for a violation of California traffic law, or whether the driver simply wants to know more about the laws and regulations regarding driving in California, offers all of the traffic ticket information that the driver needs.

The state of California is notorious for having some of the strictest laws and the harshest penalties for violating traffic laws in the country. The fines for common tickets, such as running a red light in front of a red light camera, can be up to $485 in some California counties. Even a basic speeding ticket can cost drivers hundreds of dollars. Few drivers can afford to simply pay these fines without pause.

In addition to fines, most traffic violations in California lead to points being added to the driver's license. Most basic violations come with a penalty of one point. However, other violations, such as reckless driving, a violation of California Vehicle Code 23103, or a hit and run, a violation of California Vehicle Code 20001, come with two point penalties.

These points may seem like a minor problem when compared with the fines, but if too many points accumulate, they can cause an even greater headache than the fines. Once these point totals are achieved, the driver is summoned for a DMV hearing in which a judge determines the fate of their license.

The goal of the website,, is to arm drivers with the knowledge that they need. Whether they have been cited for violating a California Vehicle Code and want further information or are considering contesting the ticket, or if they are simply boning up on their knowledge to avoid future tickets, this website has the information they need.

This website aims to be the only source of information that a driver needs in regard to California traffic law. Visit to search the database for a particular vehicle code, to get information about legal help for traffic tickets, and for advice about dealing with California traffic tickets fines.