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Top Dallas Car Wreck Mistake: Not Calling the Police

car crash

DALLAS--Aug. 12, 2013: Speaking on top car accident errors drivers make after being in a wreck, Brian Eberstein of 1-800-Car-Wreck/Eberstein & Witherite reports...

Even after "minor" car accidents, most drivers feel shaky, worried, and unsettled. Thoughts rush through their heads as adrenaline rushes through their bodies. Judgment is impaired. That's why so many people make post-accident decisions they wouldn't otherwise make.

One common post-accident mistake is failing to call the police to the accident scene. Many people who are involved in minor car accidents just want to get away. If their cars are drivable, they head home. But, failing to call the police could cause problems in the future.

When police officers report to accident scenes, they document what happened. This documentation could be crucial evidence should circumstances change. For example, perhaps Driver A was clearly at fault. Driver A also seemed to have no injuries. Later, Driver A claims Driver B caused the accident and that Driver A suffered serious injuries! Having documented evidence of what happened and what injuries were suffered would help Driver B defend that case.

When police report to accident scenes, they also ensure that drivers comply with their obligations. For example, perhaps Driver A admits fault and offers to pay cash for Driver B's doctor visits and car repairs. Because he wants to pay cash, Driver A refuses to give his insurance information. Later, of course, Driver A disappears and never pays Driver B a dime. Had a police officer been at the scene, he could have ensured that Driver A turned over his insurance information.