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Pedeta-Purchases Expected to Rise


Pedata RV Center Announces RV Purchases Expected to Rise this Year Pedata RV Center Pedata RV Center is increasing the number of motorhomes for sale, as well as other types of RVs. They anticipate that the number of people vacationing in recreational vehicles will increase over the travel season of Spring/Summer 2013. According the to a recent survey, the number of travelers vacationing in a recreational vehicle is expected to rise considerably this year.

According to data collected by the RVIA (Recreational Vehicle Industry Association) in what's known as their Campfire Canvass survey of RV owners, seventy-one percent of them anticipated using their RVs for this summer's travel; more so than they did in 2012.

The top reasons cited by owners for the increased use of their motorhomes included:

Enjoying outdoor activities (78%)

Taking more mini vacations (72%)

Spending more quality time with the family (62%)

Escaping the stress of daily life and gaining more relaxation (59%)

One of the significant differences in this year's survey than that of years past, is that only thirty-four percent of the people questioned said that they would not travel via RV because of high gas prices. This is down from fifty-eight percent last year. Those who are concerned about the fuel prices will continue with plans to travel via RV, but will modify their plans to shorten the distance traveled, as well as cutting miles by staying longer in each location.

The survey also revealed that seventy-three percent of travelers believe that now is a good time to purchase an RV. Sixty-four percent say that it is because it is the most comfortable means of travel. Fifty-eight percent believe that right now the best prices on new and used RVs can be found.

Participants in the survey indicated that one of the top benefits of traveling in an RV was the fact that they can spend more time in the outdoors in a nature setting, not having to be confined in a hotel. They emphasized the fact that they could actually glean more relaxation from just being submerged in nature, doing nothing but free outdoor activities together rather than paying big dollars to be present at some special event.

Another top benefit mentioned by those surveyed is that their pets can join them on their vacation. Sixty-four percent cited that they take their pets along with them (mostly dogs, but some cats). They indicated that not only do they enjoy the company of the family pets; it's also nice to not have to hire sitters to take care of them while they are away, saving substantial costs.

For anyone interested in keeping up with the annual RVIA Campfire Canvass survey, RV market information and RV travel trend statistics, the information is updated regularly. The data is not limited to just one type of RV, information is available for individual "types" of recreational vehicles including, but not limited to: travel trailers, fifth wheel trailers, folding camp trailers, truck campers, Class A motorhomes, Class B motorhomes, Class C motorhomes, etc.

Gerard Pedata of Pedata RV Center said, "In most parts of the country the weather is beginning to heat up. We are seeing an influx of people who are starting to think about their summer travel. This year the number of people wanting to buy their first RV, or upgrade the one they already have, is proving to be higher than in years past."