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Research and Markets: Gasoline Engines will Continue to Dominate and Remain Central to CAFE Compliance

America's Economy Screwed By Oil Companies And Their Enabling Politicians, "Journalists" And Stupid Citizens

EDITOR's NOTE: The Auto Channel has editorialized that CAFE Compliance is just clever Big Oil Doublespeak, another way to help Big Oil continue the gasoline monopoly. The research findings contained in the article below corroborates the supposition that Big Oil pulls all of the alt-fuel strings, diverting Americans' concern, anger and energy away from a realistic and timely (like now) replacement for gasoline. With a docile and placated American Citizenry, OPEC and their minions can continue to PROFIT from their 100 year old monopoly and maintain the rape of the American economy, security and life-style. We here at The Auto Channel believe that it's time to get pissed America, it's time to get loud and pissed!

OPECS Best Friend - America's Worst Enemy

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DUBLIN--une 21, 2013: Research and Markets (Research and Markets ) has announced the addition of the "CEO 360 Degree Perspective of the North American Powertrain Market - Gasoline Engines will Continue to Dominate and Remain Central to CAFE Compliance" report to their offering.

“CEO 360 Degree Perspective of the North American Powertrain Market - Gasoline Engines will Continue to Dominate and Remain Central to CAFE Compliance”

The 360 Degree Perspective of the North American Powertrain Market research service provides an overall understanding of technology, original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) strategies, and powertrain market drivers and restraints.

The study gives a brief outline of regulatory bodies and frameworks for the overall North American automotive market and offers an in-depth coverage of the technology trends and OEM profiles.

The research will also contain a forecast scenario that extends to 2020 and sheds light on all current technology and technology trends. An overview of the alternative fuel market, including hybrids and electric vehicles (EVs) is also included.

Internal Combustion Engines to Dominate the Market in North America

  • Internal combustion engines will require significant improvement in fuel efficiency to achieve fleet mpg, equivalent to g/mi CO2.
  • Diesel engines will require advanced emission control solutions to achieve significant reduction in exhaust emissions necessary to meet CARB SULEV and EPA Tier II, Bin 2 standards.
  • Fuel-efficient technologies, including gasoline direct injection, advanced valvetrain, turbo charging, and auto start/stop in gasoline engines, will penetrate the market markedly by 2020.
  • The CAFE regulations, in combination with EPA emission regulations, will be the main technology drivers; total cost of ownership is a key factor from end-customer perspective.
  • The market will experience significant powertrain electrification featuring a range of technologies from micro-hybrid systems to full electric propulsion systems.
  • Power train downsizing targeted towards reducing cylinder count and using a range of enabling technologies such as gasoline, direct injection and turbo charging.

Key Topics Covered:

1. Executive Summary

2. Research Scope

3. Definitions and Acronyms

4. Regulatory Environment Analysis

5. End Customer Perspective Analysis

6. Powertrain Outlook by Fuel Type

7. Powertrain Technology Roadmap and Penetration Analysis

8. OEM Profiles

9. Appendix

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