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Controversial Anti-Camera Ticket Website Puts Consumers in the Driver's Seat

red light (select to view enlarged photo) created for motorists ticketed by red light and speed camera installations.

LOS ANGELES--May 23, 2013: , a new website for drivers victimized by automated traffic enforcement cameras, is providing motorists with the information required to fight and beat red light and speed camera tickets.

As municipalities the world over search for new ways to increase revenues, one method has raised the motoring public's ire like no other: automated traffic law enforcement camera citations.

Originally touted as a way to make intersections safer, these computer-driven cameras photograph the offending driver's license plate, resulting in a traffic law summons mailed to the vehicle owner's home. While this may sound like good policy to the uninformed, the revenue enhancement aspect of these systems has seemingly trumped all other concerns, including studies that have shown increases in accidents at intersections monitored by these automated installations. Further, independent reports have found that a number of municipalities have actually shortened yellow light durations to further increase revenues from fines.

Also benefitting from these installations are auto insurance companies which base their rates in part on a driver's "safety" record. As these tickets are generally classified as moving violations, in addition to the fine, the ticketed driver may well receive an increase in the cost of their vehicle insurance.

"The right of the accused to confront any witness against them dates back to the Roman Empire," said editor, Christian Hollander. He continued, "Automated red light and speed camera tickets circumvent this process and pronounce the vehicle owner guilty, regardless of who was driving the car at the time, or what traffic circumstances may have prevented the driver from successfully traversing the intersection in question in the allotted time frame.

"This controversial technology is not about justice, or even traffic safety. These insidious systems are designed to enhance local government revenues while trampling the rights of the accused. was created in an attempt to level the playing field. We provide motorists with the tools they need to fight and beat automated red light and speed camera tickets," he concluded.