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ITURAN's Driveit Solution Helps Automobile Owners Recover Stolen Vehicles

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Driveit, a vehicle tracking and recovery tool from ITURAN, helps drivers and police force locate and recover stolen automobile thefts.

FT. LAUDERDALE, FL--May 20, 2013: Any event of a stolen vehicle is truly daunting to automobile owners--but thanks to ITURAN and its innovative Driveit solution, motorists have unparalleled opportunities for protecting themselves against theft outcome, and for tracking and recovering stolen cars, trucks, and motorcycles. ITURAN has long stood as the leading name in GPS-enabled vehicle tracking and recovery products, and Driveit is especially noteworthy for the asset protection and recovery capabilities. In a new statement to the press, ITURAN reveals another success story of how Driveit led to one stolen car being tracked down and recovered, the thieves apprehended and the vehicle owner's serenity restored within the hour.

"Driveit is all about providing vehicle owners with peace of mind," shares ITURAN CEO Ariad Sommer, in the company's new press statement. "Our technology provides individuals with the tools they need to protect these important financial investments, and ultimately to offer total security to their family members."

The story highlights both of these things. It begins with a vehicle owner who was also a Driveit customer. She suspected that her car had been stolen, and so she placed a call to the 24/7 ITURAN service team. Using Driveit's GPS technology, they were able to immediately trace the precise location of her car, and also to remotely disable its engine--ensuring that the thieves could not take it any further.  From there, the ITURAN team worked closely with a detective from the local police. Ultimately, the car was found--in fine condition--and the thieves tracked down, the keys returned to the vehicle owner. Without Driveit's GPS tracking and vehicle disable features, to say nothing of ITURAN's responsive customer service team, it is unlikely that this recovery would have taken place.

"Motorists have never had an easier way to protect themselves against theft, or to recover stolen vehicles," concludes Sommer. "This story--one of many that we have received from our customer response team--illustrates just what a difference Driveit can make in giving automobile owners total security and peace of mind."