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Vehicle Battery Protection Is Not Only an Activity for Winter Months, Reminds CTEK


LONDON--May 8, 2013: Car maintenance is often front of mind during the colder months, but CTEK, a global battery care brand, is reminding vehicle owners to protect their batteries all year round to avoid the requirement of an early replacement or an inconvenient breakdown this summer.

As reported by almost all chief breakdown organisations, the majority of calls attended are battery related and most could be avoided if the correct battery check and year-round routine is undertaken. When a battery isn't maintained at its optimal level its health declines to the time when sufficient charge cannot be held.

Katariina Stahl, director of sales and marketing at CTEK, explains: "Most people's regular car journeys are not long enough to provide a full charge through the car's alternator. Sulphates can then build up on the lead plates inside the battery, meaning capacity is lessened to the point of no return, which is when the car won't start and a new unit has to be bought."

A battery protection routine can be as simple as regularly connecting a smart charger and the technology does the rest. CTEK's products are also designed to connect and forget, meaning the charging cycle can be safely undertaken without supervision and this solution is also ideal for vehicles that are stored for periods of time.

The CTEK MXS 5.0 car battery charger has a unique and fully automatic eight-step charging process, which starts with the removal of plate sulphur build-up. Next it checks if the battery can accept a charge, applies a bulk charge to 90 per cent capacity and an absorption charge using a declining current for the remaining ten per cent. The next step ensures the battery will hold the charge and then deeply discharged batteries undergo reconditioning. If left connected, the pulse and maintenance features will continue to keep the battery at its optimum.

Stahl continues: "Maximising the life and performance of a car's, or any other vehicle's, battery is really as simple as connecting a smart battery charger. Furthermore, as models such CTEK's MXS 5.0 identify whether a battery will take and hold its charge, batteries that are coming to the end of their lives can be dealt with before the unexpected breakdown happens."