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Step by Step: Innovative Solutions From Henkel for the Powertrain

henkel powertrain parts

SHANGHAI--May 7, 2013: Aimed at meeting the ever-increasing requirements on automotive efficiency, power, performance and service life, Henkel has developed an array of innovative product solutions covering the full range of powertrain manufacturing processes.

With its unique combination of innovative products and process know-how, Henkel not only contributes to the smooth and cost-efficient production of powertrain components but also helps enhance durability, safety and sustainability through compliance with the highest of quality standards. Henkel has solutions supporting every step along the value chain: Cleaning, cooling and lubrication during the manufacture of powertrain components, plus surface treatment, bonding and sealing at the assembly stage. Henkel -- world market leader for adhesive technologies -- thus plays a significant role in shaping trends in the automotive industry. Worthy of particular mention in this respect is the growing importance of lightweight construction technologies and the constant need to reduce emissions and fuel consumption.

Multifunctional electroceramic coatings

Under the brands Loctite and Bonderite, Henkel is able to offer a select range of electroceramic coatings (ECC) for various engine and exhaust system applications. Suitable for aluminum, titanium, magnesium and their alloys, these coatings enable such metals to be used in the manufacture of light constructions that would normally require steel, thus greatly reducing vehicle weight.

With beneficial tribological properties leading in particular to reduced wear, Henkel's electroceramic coatings also contribute significantly to increasing engine component efficiency and saving fuel. Tests also show that ECC helps reduce harmful engine emissions by diminishing the quantity of nitrogen oxides produced during fuel combustion. Further, diesel engines are found to be less noisy, thus meeting the ever present need for quieter vehicles. Henkel's electroceramic coatings further combine outstanding corrosion protection with high resistance to extreme thermal loading, satisfying the prime prerequisites for, say, exhaust system and turbocharger component longevity.

ECC also delivers top performance for Porsche Motorsport, with which Henkel has a mutually beneficial collaboration agreement. Henkel is committed to supporting this partner not only as an official Porsche Mobil 1 Supercup sponsor but also through heavy involvement in Porsche's product development activities. Henkel products are therefore regularly tested by Porsche under the extreme conditions that only motor sport can provide.

Innovative liquid gasketing portfolio

Gaskets are incorporated in powertrain components to prevent gas and liquid leakage. Aside from its silicone-based liquid gasketing products, used primarily for engine components, Henkel has also now developed a range of innovative polyacrylate gasketing systems. These Loctite products offer exceptional resistance to aggressive transmission oils and can thus be relied upon to durably seal transmission flanges and similar connections.

Automotive manufacturers appreciate not only Henkel's high-performance products but also its ability to provide allied process expertise and suggest viable techniques for simply and efficiently applying these gasketing products.

Reliable porosity sealants for drive components

Porosity -- and the possibility of leakage -- is always a concern when it comes to the casting of cylinder blocks, cylinder heads, transmission cases and similar from light metal alloys. However, such problems can be quickly and reliably avoided by having Henkel seal these components. For this, the components are sent to special service centers where -- in a fully automatic process -- they are impregnated under vacuum with a Loctite resin, so sealing the pores and avoiding scrap. This certified process is already in operation at many renowned automobile manufacturers and component suppliers.